Buy Buy Baby Registry Review: The Benefits and Drawbacks

Buy buy Baby registry is a post written to give you insight about the rewards and benefits of BuyBuy baby registry. This post will expose all its perks and benefits that members stand to get after registration. And also, some of its drawbacks.

Buy buy baby registry is essentially designed to take away some of the stress by basically focusing on baby-related stuff. This helps its members not to get distracted when building their registries. It is also designed with lots of perks, such as discounts, coupons and free stuff.

As already mentioned, BuyBuy baby is essentially baby focused, unlike some of its rivals. It has tons of products to get you started with the voyage of parenthood. You will be exposed to a lot of perks and coupons as already mentioned above. It also offers a-10% completion discount to parents, a goody bag, easy to return policy, free in-store registry consultation and a lot more.

Buy Buy Baby Registry Benefits

Below are the benefits of the registry:

1. Free Shipping Rewards

One of the cool rewards of Buybuy baby registry is that it features a free shipping service. However, customers are only eligible to this service after making a purchase of at least $1,500 worth of gifts. So if you purchase at least $1,500 worth of gifts at your due date, you will get unlimited shipping rewards for your baby’s first year. This reward will become active the week you give birth, so you don’t miss any important babies-stuff on your baby’s first night at home.

2. Buy Buy Baby Registry Coupons

Another perk worth mentioning is the registry coupons. Buy Buy Baby is the sister brand of Bed Bath & Beyond. Hence, those 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupons can be used at Buy Buy Baby, which will likely come in handy. The only drawback is that some high-end brands are likely going to be excluded if you are using the 20% off coupons. The point here is that you can use both Bed Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby’s coupon for product purchases. This way you are you will stand a better chance of getting discounts from your purchases on a regular basis.

3. Enjoy 10% Completion Discount

Some weeks before your date is due, you will receive a coupon from Buybuy Baby worth 10% discount off everything on your registry. This discount will help you to save some money, even though it might just be a fraction. At lease having little is better than nothing, so it’s worth it.

4. Enjoy The Goody Bag

You will receive a mix of samples and coupons immediately after your registration. You can get these samples and coupons at any its store near you.

5. Price Match

Buybuy BABY features a system that matches competitors’ price for identical products. So, if you show a competitor’s price for a particular product, Buybuy baby will match it for you.

Other things you might want to know

Buy Buy Baby is also known to have a tremendous customer service and a return policy of 90 days after due date, which is pretty awesome and standard. It also has a better selection if compared with its rivals such as Babies R Us and Target. As already stated above, BBB offers a completion discount which varies from 10 to 15%, and customers will get this a few weeks before their due dates. As mentioned earlier, it accepts Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. This gives customers the privilege to save more money.

The program is highly recommendable. As a matter of fact, it beats a significant number of its rivals in terms of services and policies. Hence, a lot of people prefer it to its major rivals. However, the best way to know if a cookie is as sweet as it seems is to give it a bite. In other words, the best way to test its efficiency is to give a try.


Completion DiscountCustomers will receive 10 to 15% discounts some weeks to their due dates
SelectionThis aspect of its service is pretty better if compared to Target and Babies R Us.
Return PolicyIt has a return policy of 90 days after customers due date without requesting for receipt.
CouponsBoth Bed Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby registry coupons can be used
Goody BagsReceive tons of coupons and samples after your registration
Price MatchMatch competitors’ price for same product


As you have read above, BBB registry comes with loads of perks such as loads of coupon, goody bag, price matching policy and so on. However, the drawback about these perks is that in order to exploit them, customers need to visit one of its stores. Now the problem with that is that the company only has a handful of stores, approximately 135 stores all over the country. In order for you as a customer to fully exploit your registry, you will need to be close to one of its stores.

Also, you might want to make some research before going in to unload all those coupons from your mail. As earlier stated above, not all brands are qualified for coupon usage. One of the popular brands, UPPAbaby for example, is not on the inclusion list. These coupons will only come in handy for small ticket items. Hence, you might want to do your research to ensure that some of the necessary things you will need are on the inclusion list, so you don’t get disappointed at the end of the day.

There is also a little drawback on Buybuy Baby’s shipping process if compared to its rivals. You are only qualified for free shipping when your orders are above $49. This is a little steep if compared to Target’s free shipping on orders above $25, or Amazon Prime free two days shipping.


Some high-ticket brands are excluded from the 20% off coupons.
You need to pick up your goody bag from one of its stores.
It has a limited number of store locations across the country. This might hinder the exploitation of your perks.

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