CenterState Bank Hours: Opening and Closing Time

CenterState Bank Corporation is a financial holding company headquartered in Winter Haven, Florida, United States. The company presently has one nationally chartered bank: CenterState Bank, N.A. which operates over 128 branches in various counties throughout Florida. The company specializes in providing traditional deposits and lending products and services to both its retail and commercial customers. Additionally, it provides correspondent banking and capital market services for over 600 community banks in the United States. The bank is traded on NASDAQ under the following symbol: CSFL. See the information below to find out about CenterState Bank hours for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday. You can also see when Sterling National Bank opens today.


CenterState Bank Hours Today: Opening and Closing Time

Some branches of the bank may be operating with modified hours, hence, the opening and closing time may vary in different locations.

Weekdays Hours: Most branches open at 10:00 AM and close at 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Some branches may open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Saturday and Sunday Hours: The bank is closed on Saturday and Sunday. In other words, it is not open on weekends.

NOTE: The operating hours above may change during certain holidays or events. If you would like to find out more about holiday and event hours, contact customer service with the following information.


Contact Customer Service

You can verify any of the information above or make more inquiries about CenterState Bank hours by simply reaching out to the bank’s management with the contact information below.

Phone Number: One of the fastest and reliable ways to reach out to the management is by phone. This means of contacting the bank enables you to get an instant support. You can speak with a customer service advisor with the following phone number: 855-863-2265.

Online Messaging Platforms: Another easy and reliable way to reach the management is via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is pretty easy. To do this, visit either Facebook or Twitter and search for the bank’s official business page. Locate the support page and send them your message. After you have successfully done this, wait for a reply.

Email: You can also send them an email with the following link address: Visit the link, fill out the form and send them your queries.

NOTE: It is highly advisable that you contact the bank by phone if you have a matter that requires urgent attention, as this means of communication allows you to get an immediate support. However, feel free to reach the bank with other means of contact for trivial matters.

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