Chevron Texaco credit card Login: How To Sign In Or Apply

Chevron credit card is also known as Texaco Techron Advantage Credit card. It gives users the ability to manage their accounts online. There are lots of things you can do with it, for example, you can pay your bills and check your credit card information at the comfort of your home, office or working, etc. This means you can do virtually everything online without going through the stress of going to any of the branches. This gives you an edge over those who are still receiving paper statements and mailing their monthly payments. Chevron Texaco credit card login is post designed to guide you on how to login to your account or apply. See full guide below. See TJ Maxx credit card rewards and benefits here.

Chevron Texaco Credit Card Login Guide

  1. Firstly, go to Chevron Credit Login Page.
  2. Now enter your User ID in the “User ID” box. View image below for easy understanding
  3. If you want the system to store your details in order for you not to be going through the stress of entering your User ID and Password every now and then, simply check the box that says “Remember Me.” But this is not advisable if you’re using a public computer or network.
  4. After successfully entering your User ID, go ahead and click on the “Login” button.
  5. Finally, enter the password to your  account, and you will be taken to the dashboard of your account.

How To Login With Your Mobile Phone

Currently, there is no mobile application provided for this purpose, but you can still access your account using your mobile browser. To do this, you need to go to the mobile login page of Chevron with your mobile phone browser. The good news is that their mobile website is quite mobile friendly, hence, navigating with your mobile phone will be very easy and smooth.

  1. Go to Chevron Texaco Credit Card mobile login page via your mobile browser.
  2. There is a blank field there with the phrase “Hello, please login.” That’s where you will enter your User ID.
  3. After entering your User ID, click on “Next.”
  4. Now enter your password and click on the “Login” and you will be taken to your accounts home page.

Did You Forget Your Password? See How To Recover It

If you’re having problem remembering your User ID, follow the easy steps below to have it recovered:

  1. On the login page, below the “Login” button, you will find a link that says “Lookup User ID.”
  2. Now enter your account number and the 4 digits.
  3. Finally, click on “Next” and you will be provided a self-explanatory steps to recover your USER ID.

Chevron Texaco Credit Card – Sign Up

Go to to enroll for this service. After you visit the page, look for the registration button at the left part of the page. It is below the “where do I enter my password” link.

Note: You must be the primary cardholder in order for you to register your credit card account.

To do this, have your Credit card ready, and then go to the website and enter your account number and click on “Next.” Note: You will have to validate your cards account.

After successful enrollment, the next step is to login into your account. You can do so by following the steps outlined above.

After setting up an online account, you can start using it for transactions immediately – make payments with it, review your previously monthly statements, view and print your bills, view and change your account information and data, or even change your contact among other things.

Synchrony Bank Issues Chevron Credit Card

Chevron & Texaco Credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. The establishment is in partnership with Synchrony bank (formerly known as Capital Retail Bank). For this reason, every transaction will be done through Synchrony Bank – they (Synchrony Bank) are in charge of transactions, such as making payments online or by mail, and rendering assistance to customers if need be.

Chevron Texaco Mailing Address

If you prefer to use mailing system, then use the address below to send your mail to Synchrony Bank.

Synchrony Bank
Chevron and Texaco Card Services
P.O. Box 530950
Atlanta, GA 30353-0950

Chevron Customer Service Phone numbers

In case you’re having challenges in any way – such as making payments with your credit card, or if you need help concerning anything else (as long as it’s related to your credit card), do not hesitate to call any of these phone numbers in order to speak with one of the customer care representative so as to have your problem solved.

Call Customer Care representatives using any of these numbers:

The two types of Chevron Texaco Credit Cards: Personal and Visa

Chevron has two types depending on customers’ preference. The personal credit card is also referred to as the basic credit card. It is designed basically to be used at its gas stations exclusively. In other words, it can be used to refill or purchase items at any of its gas stations/stores. Note: It cannot be used elsewhere.

The second option is the Chevron Visa Credit Card. The visa credit card is unlimited; unlike the personal credit card. It can be used at any of its gas stations to carry out various transactions, such as paying for meals, groceries, and other things that major credit cards do. It is obvious that the Chevron Visa Credit Card is more convenient than the personal.


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