City National Bank Hours: Opening and Closing Time

The City National Bank (CNB) was founded by Alfred S. Hart in Beverly Hills, California in 1954. The company provides various kinds of financial services and products through its 71 offices and 19 full-service regional centers located in Southern California. Other areas include New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Nashville, Nevada and Washington, DC. As of 2019, the bank had total assets of $51.1 billion. The bank has also become the largest financial institution headquartered in the Greater Los Angeles Area. In addition to this, it acts as a processing bank, offering services such as check clearance and checking account processing. Check the information that follows to learn about City National Bank hours for Saturday, Sunday and weekdays. You might also find South State Bank closing hours interesting.


City National Bank Hours Today: Opening and Closing Time

Hours for Weekdays: A significant amount of the bank offices open at 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, and they usually close at 6:00 PM on Friday.

Saturday & Sunday Hours: The bank is closed on weekends. In other words, the offices do not open on Saturday and Sunday.


You should inquire from your local branches to know the exact hours because some branches may be operating with adjusted hours. This simply means that the operating time may vary in individual locations. It is also worth knowing that these hours might change when there are some holidays. Hence, we recommend that you inquire about holiday hours from the customer care department.

Speak with an Advisor

If you find any of the information confusing, or would like some assistance on finding out more about City National Bank hours for Sunday, Saturday and weekdays, do not hesitate to connect with the management.


Call the Management: It is easy to connect with the bank’s management by phone. Dial the following phone number to speak with somebody from the customer care center, (800) 773-7100.

Send them a Secure Message: Customers can easily connect with representatives through the email form on its website. Visit this URL, and fill out the form.

Social Media Profiles: The bank also has social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Customers can message them via any of the mentioned sites. Visit any of the sites and search for the bank’s profile.

It is important that you connect with the management by phone if you have a serious matter that must be attended to immediately.