Affiliate Marketing – Make Money On Clickbank, Amazon, JVzoo, CJ

The term affiliate marketing is the process by which one earns a commission by promoting products for companies (or individuals). In affiliate marketing, you look for a product that you like and promote it. You will earn a commission whenever somebody buys that product using your affiliate link.

It’s just helping Amazon to secure buyers and in return you get paid for each customer you refer. That is, affiliate marketers serve as middle men between the owner of a product and the buyer. Affiliate marketers bring the owner of a product and a buyer of that product together, and in return they get a particular percentage commission.

FOR FURTHER UNDERSTANDING…                                                                                    

Mr. A = affiliate

Mr. B = owner of a product or seller

Mr. C = the buyer.

Mr. A (Affiliate marketer) recommends Mr. C (a buyer) to buy Mr. B’s (seller) product. If Mr. C (the buyer) buys the product, Mr. A (affiliate marketer) gets an instant commission for recommending Mr. C (the buyer) to buy Mr. B’s (seller) product.

One of the cool things about affiliate marketer is that you don’t need to create your own product before you can start making money. There are tons of already made products by companies and entrepreneurs. All you have to do is to promote them using the affiliate link you generate for each product, and whenever somebody buys that product using your affiliate link, you get a commission.

Another cool thing about affiliate marketing is that in most affiliate programs, affiliate marketers earn higher than the owners of the products. The image below is extracted from as you can see, the product cost is $70. Affiliate marketers will earn 75% commission in every sale they make, whereas the owner of the product gets just 25%. Isn’t that cool? Well, to me it is!

Another case study.

If an affiliate marketer promotes a product worth $300 and successfully refers a buyer to buy that product, he’d earn $210, which is equivalent to 75% cost of the product. While the seller (the owner of the product) would make just $90, which is equivalent to 25% cost of the product. I ask again, isn’t that cool? As an affiliate marketer, you earn higher than the owner of the product you’re promoting.


Well, see it this way, as an entrepreneur, after putting in a lot of effort and hard work, creating a product, then at the end of the day you do not have the resources to promote them, what would you do? Of course, you have to improvise. You have to cut a deal with some people (affiliate marketers) through certain platforms such as Amazon, Clickbank etc., to promote your products for you, and in return they’d get a particular percentage of the product worth in every sale they make.

Another reason is that there are a lot of big companies out there who wish to extend their services and products to more people around the world.

NOTE:The percentage you will earn from each product depends on the agreement between the entrepreneurs/companies and the affiliate marketers. Some entrepreneurs allow affiliate marketers to have 50% to 75% commission of each product sale, while others allow affiliates to have 30% to 50% of each product sale.

Take a look at the images below for accurate and deep understanding…


The owner of this product allows 75% commission in every sale.


Whereas, this one allows 64%


This one allows 50%

So, you see? It all depends on the entrepreneurs or companies.


  • The entrepreneurs or companies look up to us to promote their products because either they do not have the resources to do so or because they’re trying to reach out to more cutomers/clients. And in return, we get a particular percentage of each sale of the product.
  • The percentage we get from each product sale depends on the entrepreneurs/companies (owners of the products)

Affiliate marketing is one of the coolest ways to make money online. Another cool thing about affiliate marketing is that virtually anybody can participate, there are no qualifications attached. As long as you know your way around the web, you know how to secure a targeted audience, then you can become a successful affiliate marketer.

You don’t have to be a certificate holder before you can participate in the affiliate marketing program. Like I said earlier, as long as you know how to target a particular audience who are in need, then you can become a very successful affiliate marketer.

You must have heard that you need a website in order to become a successful affiliate marketer. Well, that’s true but not compulsory. You can still become a successful affiliate marketer even though you don’t have a website. There are numerous ways in which one can promote affiliate products.

  1. Social media – E.g. Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.
  2. Forums – E.g. warriors forum etc.
  3. Paid Ads
  4. Classified Ads and many more.

⇒ Later in this tutorial, I will teach you how to promote affiliate products on Facebook and twitter.

Although, it will be very easy for you to secure an audience if you have a website, and it will be much easier for your audience to convert to sales because of trust. This is why affiliate marketers that have websites do better than those that do not have.

It takes a smattering sum of money to set up a good website these days. You can set up a blog using WordPress or Google blogger. You don’t need a programmer to do this for you, you can do it yourself. If you need help in this process, let me know.


  • It is not compulsory that you have a website before you can become an affiliate marketer.
  • There are no qualifications attached to becoming an affiliate marketer, anybody can participate.
  • As long as you target a particular audience in need, you will be a successful affiliate marketer.
  • I recommend that you set up a website if you can.


Signing up with an affiliate marketing program is not as difficult as the CPA program in which in most cases, one has to undergo series of rigorous interviews before getting accepted. It is as easy as signing up on any social media website, like… Facebook, twitter etc.

For the sake of this tutorial I will be making use of, which is one of the most popular affiliate marketplaces on the internet. There are tons of other affiliate marketplaces out there, such as:, and many more…

You can sign up with any of the aforementioned, but I will recommend Clickbank, because it is quite easier to use – it has a better user-friendly interface. Plus, majority of the products allow 60% to 70% commission.


Clickbank is one of the best affiliate marketplaces on the internet. This is because clickbank pays higher and well, than most affiliate marketplaces out here. Clickbank pays affiliate marketers between 50% – 75% commission on every lead they convert to sale. This is what I mean, as an affilliate marketer you will earn 50% – 75% commission on every sale you make.

For example, if you promote a product worth $200 each time you make a sale you will receive nothing less than $100 commission. Imagine if you promote a product worth $300 and you get 75% commission for each sale. That means each time you make a sale, you will receive approximately $200. This is one of the coolest things about affiliate marketing – Like I made mention earlier, in most cases affiliate marketers tend to make more money than the owners of the products they are promoting.

As you have already noticed, the money you will make on clickbank depends on how many sales you are able to procure. In other words, it depends on how much traffic you’re able to generate, because in this business, traffic equates sales. The more traffic you generate, the more sales you’ll make, the more sales you make, the more your bank account becomes heavier.

So, just like in any other online business, traffic plays a very significant role. In this business, how much traffic you’re able to procure and the type of audience you have determines how successful you’ll become. In a nutshell, as long as you have a decent amount of traffic and a targeted audience, then only the sky will be your limit.


Clickbank is an online marketplace, and it has been around for 17 years now. Clickbank delivers lifestyle products to tons of people around the world. When it comes to digital products, it is one of the most famous online retailing places on the internet, with millions of customers worldwide. Clickbank helps entrepreneurs and companies to promote and sell their products through affiliate marketers.


there are three main categories of people that constitute clickbank:

⇒The vendors (entrepreneurs or companies that create products to meet the demands of various types of audiences)

⇒The affiliate Marketers (people who promote the products)

⇒Customers (Those who buy products to meet their demands, which is your audience.)

As an aspiring affiliate marketer, you fall under the number two (2) category. And you are going to play the role of promoting products to customers who need them; and in return you will get a commission whenever somebody buys any of the products through your affiliate link.

Let me expatiate, you will sign up with Clickbank as an affiliate marketer. Clickbank has a lot of digital products from various companies and entrepreneurs around the world. For example, if your audience are interested in golfing, there are tons of digital products that are golf related on Clickbank.

What you have to do is to select any of the products and generate your affiliate link for that particulate product. Then, promote the link. Whenever any of your audience buys that product via your affiliate link, you will get a particular percentage (%) of commission.

Just like I explained earlier, the commission you will get from each product sale varies. Some entrepreneurs or companies allow affiliate marketers to have 75%, while most allows 50%; and others… 60%. So, you see… the amount you’ll earn from each product sale varies. Although, it is always specified there for you to know – so, you can always check before promoting a product.


you can sign up on clickbank as an affiliate or a vendor. In this case we shall be signing up as an affiliate. Now, go to clickbank and click on signup. Fill out all required information. Fill out the survey form as an affiliate. Check your email box for clickbank confirmation message. Click on the link sent to you, to verify your account.

After that, you can now login into your account. That’s it, you have successfully completed your registration. If your country is barred from registering, let me know, I will tell you what to do to by-pass that.


Before you start promoting products on clickbank make sure that you have supplied your payment details properly. To change your payment details on clickbank, click on “setting,” then go to payment info and update details.

When you make couple of sales and reach your threshold on clickbank your money will be forwarded to your bank account (the one you supplied). So, make sure you supply a working bank account.

  1. After you have successfully signed up, login to your account.
  2. On your dashboard, locate “marketplace” (at the top right corner of your page).
  3. Choose a niche. There are tons of niches outlined here. For example: health, Business, Sports, Romance etc.
  4. After you’ve chosen a list, go through the products and select the one you wish to promote.
  5. Now click on “PROMOTE.”
  6. A new window will pop up, asking to generate your affiliate link, accept and your affiliate link will be generated automatically.
  7. Wallah! You have successfully generated your affiliate link.
  8. Now, copy it and go to, past it in the box. Why are we doing this? To shorten the link and make it look more presentable. And so that it won’t be obvious that it is an affiliate link.
  9. Now click on the affiliate link to make sure that it is working. If it opens correctly, scroll down to the footer part of the website and check if you’d see your affiliate username there.
  10. It should be something like this… affiliate = name. For example, if your affiliate username is Jack, you will see something like this… affiliate = Jack.
  11. If it does not appear that way, that means the link was not properly generated. Log out, login again and try again.
  12. This is very important, because if your username does not appear at the footer part of the website as the affiliate for that link; then your commission will not reflect in your profile. So, you see, this is very important.

Select the right product to promote
once you know your niche and understand your audience, the next thing is to select the right product to promote.  Remember, you have to practice what you preach. For example, if your blog is about Romance, do not promote products on Sports or Woodwork. Promote products that are love or romance related. Clickbank is a marketplace with various types of niche, don’t get carried away by this, you have to promote only what your targeted audience needs.

When choosing a product on Clickbank, consider the “GRAVITY.” It is a number that tells you how popular that particular product is. If the number is high, then it’s a good thing, go for it means you are likely to do well in that product.

Do not promote products that have “GRAVITY” lesser than 30. A high gravity indicates that that product is competitive, and competition is a good sign showing that that product will be a success.

Do not settle for less

Clickbank allows you to promote as many products as you can. So, do not put all your eggs in one basket. When promoting a product on a particular niche, make sure you promote multiple products. That way, you’ll still get a check even if some of the products don’t sell well.

One other reason why you should promote multiple products is so that you can give your potential buyers multiple choice. You can create a review page and compare different products. This is because people like to make comparison before jumping into buying a product.

Choose products with high commission

One major thing you need to keep in mind when picking products to promote is the commission. Always go for products with good commission. Pick products with at least 50% commission. If you really want to hit it hard, then you must settle for products with high commission.

Take for example, if you promote a product worth $500 with 75% commission, even though it might not sell faster than a product worth $20, but just one sale can generate you approximately $300+. Meanwhile, you have to generate a lot of sales with the $20 product to be able to earn that kind of amount.

Don’t be skeptical whether people will buy high costly product. As long as the products are of high quality, people will buy it, not minding the price.

Put yourself in the position of your customers

Try to understand your customers and find out what they want. Put yourself in their shoes by analyzing what kind of product they would like. Don’t just promote what you like, business is all about giving your potential buyers what they want. And if you can’t give them what they want, they’ll go to somewhere else to get it.

So, do yourself some good by paying close attention and consideration to the demands or needs of your potential buyers. I can’t stress this point enough, this is very important.

Work with your niche

This is basically for starters. Like I said before now, don’t be jack of all trades. Make a thorough research and find out what you’re passionate about, go for it as if your life depends on it. Then start building your audience.

For example, if you like golfing, build your audience and promote only golf related products to them. If you wish to promote various products on various niches, then you have to build various audiences on various niches.

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