CPA Marketing Guide – Learn How To Make Money The Easy Way

CPA marketing is one of the coolest ways to make money online. The term CPA stands for Cost per Action. It is an online model which allows one to earn money each time a supposed action is completed by a targeted audience as regards the offer you promote. The major difference between CPA and other affiliate marketing platform is that in CPA you are not required to sell products before you can make money. Affiliates in CPA only promote offers, and each time any of those offers are completed by any of their targeted audience, they get paid.

cpa marketing

These actions include submitting of data (email address, phone number, zip code etc.), taking a survey, downloading something etc. Each time a targeted audience completes such action you get a lead that instantly converts to cash. Let me reiterate, you get instantly paid for each action taken. The more your targeted audience perform any of these actions, the more money you’ll make.

The money you’ll make per lead depends on the offer you promote. Usually, the pay per lead ranges from $0.50 – $15 depending on the offer you promote, and the targeted country for your traffic.

How does it work?

  • If you promote an offer that pays $3.50 per lead (that is when somebody completes the supposed actions which we discussed above) and let’s say you’re able to generate 1500 leads, you’ll make approximately $5250.
  • Or if you promote an offer that pays $2.50 per lead, and you generate 500 leads, you’ll make $1250. How much you’ll make from a particular offer depends on how much the offer pays per lead and how much traffic you’re able to generate, and also, the location of your targeted audience.
  • Numerous times, you might have come across pop-ups or other types of ads asking you to take a survey and stand a chance to win an iPhone/iPad or a gift card etc. Most times you’ll be required to submit some of your details such as – Email, phone number and probably your name. Now, that is a CPA offer. Whenever you complete it, you make somebody somewhere richer. I suppose you didn’t know that before now.
  • Let’s look at another CPA example. Apps! Some of the apps you download to your phone or PC are offers being promoted by CPA marketers, each time you download any of those apps, somebody’s pocket somewhere gets heavier.
  • Another example is content locking. Earlier before now you must have found yourself in a situation in which you want to download a PDF, or get access to a particular information but you were asked to complete a simple task in exchange for it (that is, to do a survey). If you surf the web quite often you should be familiar with this method. Now, whenever you complete that task, as usual, you make somebody’s pocket heavier.

Now, that’s how CPA works. And that’s how CPA marketers make loads of cash consistently. As you have already noticed, this is one of the simplest ways to make money online, as other online money making platforms are becoming more competitive on a daily basis. Although, it’s not new, but most people don’t know this yet. So, I’d advise you grab the bull by the horn while you still can. Now, let’s move on.

How to become a CPA Marketer


To become a CPA marketer you need just the following:

  1. A device connected to internet (24/7)
  2. A CPA network
  3. An offer to promote
  4. Traffic.

⇒ If you can get this four things then you can start making money immediately.

Registering to a CPA network

There are uncountable CPA networks out there (thousands probably). The offers that CPA marketers promote are usually placed there by advertisers. In most cases, the advertisers are from big companies that wish to extend their services to more customers.

Applying to most CPA network is more difficult than applying to any affiliate program. It’s almost like applying for a job offline. Why am I telling you this? So that you’ll take the application process more serious. Although, while some CPA networks would want to plunge you into a rigorous interview, there are some that are very easy to apply and get approval instantly. So, don’t get discouraged, just be serious.

CPA networks want to make sure that they don’t give their space to a newbie or an amateur affiliate marketer. Before you can get approval, They’ll make sure that you know what you’re doing, that you know how everything works and you’re ready to work. They know that it’s very easy to make money with CPA, so, they make sure that they select people who are dedicated and ready to work. Put yourself in their shoes, if you’re an employee, of course you would not want to hire people who would sit idly every day and get paid at the end of the month for doing nothing.

Now, to become a CPA marketer visit any of these CPA websites: Adworkmedia, CPAway, CPAlead, Blackfox & Crakrevenue. Apart from crack revenue which is an adult CPA network, the other aforementioned CPA networks deal on offers across several niches.

Now, click sign up (as an affiliate). You’ll be taken to next page to fill out your required details. Be careful here, the information you provide will determine whether you’ll be accepted or not. Fill out the required details correctly. For example, if your country is India don’t change it, else, you’ll have issues with payment in the future.

On the process you might face questions like this – how would you promote our products?

Your answer here will determine how fast you’ll get approval, and can also get you rejected real quick. As mentioned earlier, these people want to make sure that you know what you are doing. They need affiliates who have experience and ready to work, affiliates who know how to drive traffic to offers. You are likely to get rejected if you tell them that you’re a newbie.

Rome was not built in a day. I believe that everybody deserves a chance.

So, if you encounter such question on the process your reply should be something like this:

I have been into Affiliate/CPA marketing for 2years now. I have much experience in CPA, I have been promoting and making money from tons of offers. I work hard to send traffic across all the networks I am working with. I just stumbled on a review about your network & I was impressed and thought I should give you guys a shot. For my promotion methods;
I am an expert in PPC. I also have a huge followers on Social media which I use to test run all my offers due to the high rate of conversion. Also, I’ll be investing in Mediabuys to drive traffic to my offers as the outreach of specific site is massive. I look forward to getting started soon enough as it seems I could make more money with your network

If you can come up with something like this, just modify this one, change some words and use it. Try as much as possible to make it look convincing.

Another way to get quick approval. Immediately after you complete your registration, send an e-mail to the affiliate manager in charge of your account. Tell him or her that you just registered with them and that you’ll appreciate it if they can grant your approval as soon as possible. You can also use Skype, if possible.

If you’ve succeeded in getting approval, login to your account and play around your dash board in order to get accustomed to it. Now, let’s move on. If you are still finding it difficult to get accepted, then read my secret of getting accepted into any CPA network.

Selecting a CPA offer

Before we proceed to the offer section, make sure you’ve inserted your payment details. Select your preferred payment method and provide the necessary information required. Some CPA networks will prompt you to do this the first time you login to your account, while others won’t. Whether you’re prompted or not, do it.

Now, click on offers and you’ll be shown thousands of available offers you can promote. The offers vary from different niches (categories). The offers we’ll be promoting are E-MAIL SUBMIT/ZIP SUBMIT offers. Now, if you’re wondering why we chose this niche (category), it’s because they are easier to promote and also easier to make money with.

This is how these offers work. You’ll get paid each time somebody from your target audience submits his or her email address to the offer that you are promoting.

Pick an offer and generate an affiliate link for that offer. Drive traffic to the offer, if members of your audience take required action you’ll get lead, which converts to cash instantly. Let me expatiate, if a member of your audience submits his or her email as the offer requires, you’ll get paid immediately. The more people submit their email addresses and complete a simple sign up, the more money you’ll make. So, how much you’ll make a day depends on how many members of your targeted audience complete the sign up of the offer you’re promoting. You can generate passive, or even full time income with this. Isn’t this simple and easy? Of course, it is. Here, you don’t to sell anything or try to preach people to buy something like other affiliate marketing platforms out there do. You just promote offers and get paid. Which other money making platform is easier than this one? Tell me…

Let me ask you this question. If you’re looking for a vital information, pdf, or software, and you finally find what you’re looking for but in order to get hold of it you need to put your email in a box or fill out a short form, won’t you do it? Of course you will. By the way, it won’t take you more than 60 seconds. And besides, it does not require that you pay money. That is how your audience make conversions for you.

Before we move on to the final process which is how you can generate traffic for your offers, let me make some things clear. These are the things you should know when selecting CPA offers for marketing.

Things you should know when selecting a CPA offer

Accepted Countries

If you’re observant you’ll notice that I have been making use of the term “targeted audience” in our early discussions. Targeted audience are people from the accepted countries of the offer that you’re promoting. These are the countries that your traffic is expected to come from as indicated in the offer that you’re promoting. It is tagged “accepted country/ies” on any offer you select. It could be United Kingdom (Uk), United States (US), France (FR), Canada (CA), Australia (AUS), India (IN) etc.

It depends on the offer, some offers accept global traffic (worldwide), while some only accept traffic from restricted countries, some even accept only a single country. It is always indicated on the offer. Pay attention to these things when selecting an offer.PAYMENT

The amount to be paid for each lead is always indicated on the wall where offers are displayed. The pay ranges from $0.8 – $3 (per email submit or sign up lead).

Earning per click (EPC)

This is a small amount added to your total earnings for clicks that lead to conversions from a particular offer. You can see this in the offer details page.

Pay per lead

When selecting an offer make sure that the pay per lead is not less than $1. Make sure that it is from $1 and above. That means if you can generate 1000 leads to an offer you’ll make $1000+. What I am trying to say here is that you should not settle for less. Always choose offers with high pay per lead, so that even if you generate only a small amount of traffic, you’ll still go home with your pockets heavy.

Performance Rate

This shows the conversion status of other affiliates already promoting the offer you tend to choose. This is very important, because it gives you the insight on whether a particular product is doing well on traffic or not. CPA networks always indicate this on the offer details page. Let me reiterate, this helps you to know whether the offer you tend to choose will convert well or not.

Landing Page

This tip is very important. This also determines how well & quick a particular offer will convert. When selecting an offer consider offers that have only one field for submitting of data in the first page. In other words, do not jump into offers with numerous fields in the first page. Make sure that the first page is simple and direct. Something like “Enter your email address,” people will be quick to submit their email addresses as it takes nothing to type an email address. Nevertheless, if you choose an offer with numerous fields, people might be hesitant to take action, or might even end up not taking action at all. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that offers with numerous fields do not convert, but what I am trying to say is that offers with lesser fields convert faster. Besides, as a beginner you need to start small, after understanding fully well how the trade works, then, you can decide to pick any kind of offer, not minding the nature of the fields. But for now stick with offers with lesser fields. Just make sure that your landing page is simple, direct, compelling and promising.

Preview Page

The preview page is always available in every offer details page. This is a sample of the page that your visitors will be taken to when they click on your link or directed to your offer. It is the first page that initiates the supposed action to be taken by your audience (visitors). The essence of this is for you to know what the landing page of the offer you wish to promote looks like.\

Incentive and non-incentive offers

Before we go into generating traffic, let us discuss what incentive and non-incentive offers are. I want to make sure that there is no stone untouched. Incentive offers are offers in which you can entice your audience in order for them to take action. In other words, they are offers you promote by rewarding your audience with some sort of valuable credits after they complete an action. It could be virtual currency, points, secured information, coupon codes etc. This is simple! You refer people to your offer with the agreement that if they complete such offer you’ll give them something in return. It is more straightforward than you can imagine. The reward that you’ll render to your lead audience might be very cheap but valuable to them. Your reward here will serve as a bait.

You see my friend, this is another major factor that makes CPA marketing very easy. Just look for the right audience and create awareness that anybody that completes an action (depending on the offer that you’re promoting) will be rewarded with something (whatever you wish to reward them with). Whenever you get a notification, quickly go to your account and check if the lead has been accounted for and your money credited to your account. After confirming this then you’ll go ahead and approve the person’s action and reward the person. It is as easy as eating a piece of cake (*_^). Money is the most popular of this reward type.

How does this work?

Let’s say the offer that you are promoting pays $1.5 per lead. What you have to do here is to invest $0.30 from your payout to pay visitors as rewards, then, the remaining $1.20 goes into your account. But you have to ensure that the offer is incentive (ensure that it accepts cash incentives), else the lead will not be counted. There are many incentive offers at Adwork and CPAway. You can register with many CPA networks.

Note: Like I said earlier, there are other ways you can reward your audience. Apart from using money, you can use important information, coupon codes, game cheats etc. Just look for a strategy that will work well for you.

Non-incentive offers

These are organic CPA offers. You promote these offers the usual way. You are not allowed to use incentives. Any offer that is not indicated to be incentive is non-incentive. The only difference between the two as you have already noticed is that incentive offers generate quick traffic (because of the reward attached to it).


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