Dollar General Near Me – How to find DG stores near you

It is one of the top retail chains in United States. It was first established in 1939 in Scottsville, Kentucky. Gradually, its business windows opened nationwide. Initially, it was called J.L. Turner & Son, Inc (from 1939 to 1968) – those are the names of the founders. In 1968, its brand name was completely changed to Dollar General Corporation. This corporation sells both private brands with high quality and popular brands from reputable manufacturers like Coca-Cola, General Mills, Energizer, Nestle, Procter and Gamble, Hanes, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Clorox, Mars and Kimberly Clark.

Its business model is based on satisfying customers’ need at a very short period of time (as short as possible) and in low cost. It is basically focused on saving customers’ time. The stores are usually of small size (mini-stores), hence in average, it takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the shopping.

There are 13, 000 stores in 43 states in U.S. Hence, finding a branch is quite easy, as you are likely to have tons of its stores around your neighborhood or location. See Dollar General hours of operation here.

Dollar General Near Me – how to find stores

Follow these simple instructions below to find Dollar General stores near you.

  1. Firstly, go to Dollar General Store Locator tool.
  2. Enter the ZIP code, address, city or state of the place you wish to find Dollar General stores.

    Dollar General Near Me

    Dollar General Near Me

  3. Now click on the yellow button with a black search icon at the right part of the search box, or simply hit the “Enter” button on your keyboard.
  4. This is what would happen when you do this, the Dollar General store locator would look for all the stores within your location and present them to you.
    Dollar General Near Me

    Dollar General Near Me

    The distance will also be calculated and shown to you. Also, each store’s opening and closing hours will be indicated.

    store finder

    store locator

  5. You can narrow your options by using the “FILTERS” drop-menu and “MILES.” For example, you can set the system to look for store within a particular range, for example, 10 or 20 miles.

    Locator tool

    You can also use the filter feature to choose the kind of store you wish to find.

  6. To request for directions, click on the “Get Directions” link at the left corner part of the page. Also, if you wish to contact the stores, call the phone numbers above the “Get Directions” link.

Dollar General Number of Stores in the States in U.S.

The table below contains states and number of stores in each state There are 13,000 stores in 44 states. One easy way to know if Dollar General would be convenient to you is to find out how many stores are in your state. The higher the number in your state, the easier it would be to find its stores. Take your time to go through the list in order to find out how many stores are in your state.

New Jersey94
New York358
New Hampshire23
New Mexico87
North Dakota5
North Carolina730
Rhode Island6
South Dakota32
South Carolina484
West Virginia216

Check out some of its merchandise

In case you don’t already know this, Dollar General gives prominence to three things: convenience, quality and low price. The store provides shoppers with everything they need at low price and at the possible time-frame. Below are items you can buy at Dollar General:

Cleaning goods

Kitchen and bathroom cleaning, laundry cleaning, floor care, garbage bags, tools for cleaning and air fresheners.

Food and snacks

Cookies and cake, nuts & snacks, cereal & breakfast, coffee & tea, drink mixes, meals and side dishes, condiments & spices.

Beauty Products

Cosmetics, nail care, hair care, fragrance, skin card, shavings, deodorants, soap & body.

Health-related items & services

Eye care, medicine cabinet, sexual wellness, oral care, vitamins, nutritional supplements, feminine care, adult incontinence, vitamins.

Pet Needs

Food for cats, dogs, birds, dog and cat accessories, dog and cat treats.

Office Goods

Tape, pens & pencils, paper & notebooks, glues, envelopes & labels, crayons, adhesives, coloring supplies, colored pencils, desk supplies, markers.

Household products

Bed & bath, paper & plastic, clothing care, kitchen & dining, décor and curtains, storage, batteries & electronics, auto & hardware, outdoor living, party supplies.

Baby Care

Children medicine, diapers & wipes, baby apparel, baby & preschool toys, feeding & nursing, apparel & accessories, baby bath & skincare, health & safety.

All kinds of toys

Dolls and stuffed animals, baby & preschool, pretend play, puzzles, coloring supplies, electronic, games, books, active and outdoor play.

Apparel for

Men, women, boys, girls, shoes & slippers, shoe care and rain gear.

Seasonal items

Women’s fashion, cough, cold & flu, outdoor living, allergy & sinus relief, curtains, vitamins, storage, diapers and wipes, picture frames.


Dollar General is built on the basis of saving time and money. The company makes it easy for customers to find low everyday prices on virtually everything they need for their homes – from food to household, to cleaning holiday and seasonal items and so forth. In fact, Dollar General will spoil you and make you wonder why you ever shopped elsewhere and paid too much.

Why overpay for everyday items when you can save your hard earned money at Dollar General. If you ever wish to save money shopping, then you know where to go.

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