One quick way to earn $20/daily without any investment

This is going to be quick. This is an idea I got from a friend few days ago. The guy is actually making at least $20 every day with this method. This method does not require any complicated or complex procedure. And it does not require a particular set of skill (anybody can do it). Some people who have been doing this for long are actually making close to $50\day with this method. However, for starters, $5/a day is not bad at all, and it is very much realistic if you follow this method.

Free money, fast method

  1. Firstly, you will need an iOS or Android phone. If you can’t get hold of any of this, you can improvise by installing the Bluestacks emulator on your desktop or laptop. This software will enable you to install android applications or games on your desktop or laptop. I recommend Bluestacks, but if you know any other better emulator, you can go with that one.
  2. Now here’s what we will be doing. We will look for games that have global chat (e.g. games like Clash of clans has global chat). This is just for the sake of example, I wouldn’t recommend you go for it (Clash of Clans), as the niche is already being milked by a lot of people. In other words, it’s already a dead niche. However, there are lots of games out there that fall under this category. If you take your time to do a little research, I bet you will find tons of them.
  3. After you have succeeded in finding some cool games with global chat, you’ll need to create an account. Make your username to be something like this “Admin” or “Admin + Game name.”

In some games, before you can use the Global Chat feature, you will be required to get to a certain level (so be patient and play it).

  1. To start making money, you will post your CPA or CPI website link in the Global Chat and say something like this: BONUS!!! 50 players will get xxx gems, limited time –> your CPA link <–

You can use something like this for Mobile and Desktop Locker:

DOWNLOAD and open 2 random apps to get 600, 000 Gold. 50 minutes remaining.

This method is usually more effective during festive periods such as Christmas. You can come up with something like this, MERRY CHRISTMAS! 50 people will get 600k COINS for FREE -> your CPA link. Just try to be creative around this method and you’ll start hitting the bank in no time.


I didn’t invent this idea, and I’m not sure my friend did too. So kudos to whoever came up with this idea. Good luck in your endeavours to make money using this method. If you hit the numbers, don’t forget to share your success using the comment button.

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