Online Writing Jobs: 10 websites to get high paying jobs

Online writing jobs – looking for where to get some high-paying writing jobs? Relax! In this article, I will be sharing with you 10 reliable websites that you can land high-paying writing jobs. Most of these websites accept applicants from anywhere (global). The only eligibility required here is the aptness to write impeccably.

Some of these websites are owned by some renowned establishments such as Yahoo. Some of the websites are also freelancing websites, while most of them will hire and pay you directly to write for them. Lest I forget, before you join any of these sites, take a few minute to read their terms and conditions (very important).

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Contena Scout is an organized job board packed with high quality writing gigs. It is a great place for freelance writers. Here, you’ll be given access to thousands of writing jobs. And due to their high quality customers, each job pays well. In fact, if you’re looking for the best clients, Contena is a good place to start from. It has all the necessary features you need to land a very high-paying writing jobs. Whichever experienced level of writer you, Contena will find a suitable job for you. You will be given the privilege to write for companies around the world.

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This website pays well. It pays up to $50 per article. Here, you’ll be hired to write about whatever you like for some renowned brands around the world.

You have to sign up as a freelancer, and you’ll be exposed to various writing job opportunities. They always pay weekly.

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Words of worth is a cool article delivery company that hire freelancers from US, UK and Canada to write for them. They don’t pay the same amount for every article. In other words, their payment varies from articles. Sometimes the length of the article could determine how much they’d pay you. Although, apart from the length, there are other factors they also pay attention to.

One cool thing here is that they’ll always analyze your article and let you know how much it’s worth. If you’re not okay with the price, you can decide to publish it somewhere else.

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Essaylancers is another great place to land some cool writing jobs. It is a place where some professional writers meet to discuss and find jobs. It is a platform for freelance academic writers and writing agencies. Here, you can hook up with professional academic writers from around the world. You’re likely to find people who have similar interest as you.

Essaylancers’ main aim is to bring writers and employers together, in order to establish a good working relationships through feedbacks. It will give you access to various writing job offers from establishments around the globe.

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Yahoo contributor is own by Yahoo, a renowned online establishment. It is another cool place you can make money as a writer. Yahoo Contributor is a platform that gives writers, photographers, and other similar professionals the opportunity to share their knowledge and passion with tons of millions of readers from around the world.

How does this work?

The Yahoo Contributor network gives you the privilege to publish your own thoughts or contributions on Yahoo Voice and other Yahoo platforms, and in return you’ll get paid. Here, you are to choose from tons of topics (whichever topic you like). They always pay an up-front.

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WiseGeek covers a lot of topics. So, everybody’s got a place here. You can get paid for writing about whatever you like. It will really be fun writing about what you like and getting paid for it. WiseGeek hire writers to write and contribute articles to their portfolio. They pay anything from $10 to $15 per article.

They always pay through PayPal. No worries, PayPal won’t charge you as they’ve got that covered. So if they pay you $15, $15 you’d get.

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This establishment only accept writers from Canada, UK and US. They write about different niches such as: Business and Finance, Tech, Fashion, health, Shopping and many more. It’s another great place you can make decent money as a writer.

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eCopywriters pick professional writers to write high quality articles (contents) for their clients (basically website and business owners). This is basically for professional writers. eCopywriters don’t just pick anybody. If you don’t have the aptness to write impeccably, you might want to consider other websites (no offence).

They write about the following: SEO contents, Ads, Blogs, Sales Letters, Press Release, Business plans etc.

They pay $25 per hour. Imagine working for a couple of hours every day. This is a perfect job if you are a professional writer who wish to work from home.

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As the name implies, it is a place basically for freelancers. It gives users access to tons of freelancing jobs: Graphic designing, writing, Programming, IT and many more. Using its resources, it does well in finding suitable clients for different type of freelancers.

I must say, it is a great place for writers, as it provides a very huge number of writing jobs for freelancers on a regular daily basis. If you’re a beginner-writer or you’ve been in the game for long, you might want to check out freelancer, as it has a lot of goldmine to be tapped in the writing profession.

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Content Mart is another great website that you can find writing jobs. This site is gradually gaining popularity. To begin, you have to register and start bidding for jobs. It is a community with a lot of professionals. Using its necessary resources, it does really well in bringing clients and freelance writers together.

→ Join Content Mart Online Writing Jobs, Start Writing And Start Getting Paid.


If you’re confused which one to start with, start from one of them and gradually you’ll work your way up. It is easy. Once you become accustomed to one marketplace, you will find it very easy to expand into others.

Make sure you always create a very catchy profile. If you’re signing up as a freelancer, make sure that you complete your profile. You’re likely not to get a lot of jobs if your profile is empty. So, don’t be in a hurry, always take your time to complete your profile. It will give you an edge over other freelancers. In other words, it will make you look like a professional and an expert.

Let me reiterate, before you register with any of the above websites, please, always take a couple of minutes to go through their terms and conditions.

Finally, if you know other good websites that should be on this list, please do well to share using the comment box.

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