How To Become A Successful Freelancer – Top 5 Secrets

This content is strictly for freelancers or those aspiring to become freelancers. So, if you are a freelancer on upwork, fiverr, elance etc., then sit tight and grab a beer, because with this content I will unravel the secrets of how you can become a successful freelancer.  If you are not a freelancer yet, you can become one right away.

Before you jump into becoming one, ask yourself this simple question, “what skill do I possess?” Like I said in some of my previous articles, in order for you to succeed as a freelancer, you have to possess some skills. What can you do? If you don’t have a skill then you might not survive for long out there as a freelancer. Keep pondering over that question until you get a suitable answer. There must be something that you can render most effectively to people. If you find an answer, go for whatever it is and specialize on it.

Create a very catchy profile

Your profile defines who you are, never forget that. To become a successful freelancer, you need to create a very catchy and unique profile. A profile that your potential clients would see and exhale, whisper to themselves saying; “This is the right guy for the job.” A profile that would convince them that they’re hiring the best fit for the job. As a freelancer, your profile plays a very big role, do not over-look it.

Most freelancers want to do all jobs, whether they’re skilled in it or not. My advice for you is that you specialize. Every client out there wants to hire the best fit for their jobs, so if for example, you’re a writer, specialise on one or two aspect of the writing field. If your profile description reads something like this; “Data Entry specialist, Astute writer, virtual assistant,” your potential clients will not take you serious. But if you go with something like this; “Professional Content Writer.” This looks serious and professional, your potential clients who are looking for content writer will hire you without thinking twice. So you see my friend, this is why you have to specialize. Do not underestimate the power of specialization like other freelancers out there.

Bidding for jobs

Always make sure that your bid proposal is apt and specific to the job post. Most clients sometimes include some keywords that you must include in your bid proposal, in order to compel all bidders to read their job post. So before you bid for a job, carefully read the job post and make sure that you understand what the job requires, and that you possess the relevant skills(s) required to handle the job.

If you are a newbie, I’ll recommend that you start small with your price tag. Give discounts and quote a low price.

Customer service

This will put you ahead of other freelancers if properly implemented. It is a known fact that virtually every freelancer can write and proofread, but not every freelancer knows how to retain or keep their clients. Use this for your own advantage. It’s these small and common things that play the biggest roles in the freelancing world. Do not underestimate these things. Try as much as possible to have a good customer service, do whatever you can to win the heart of your clients, that way you can retain or keep them for life.

Ask for reviews

Reviews play a big role in any online or offline business. Your potential clients are likely to pick you for a job if you have excellent reviews.

How do I get reviews?

You can bargain/negotiate price quote by asking for excellent reviews and 5 star rating, most freelancers don’t know this. Secondly, if you have a good customer service, your clients are likely to give you excellent reviews. So, when negotiating price with your clients, give them a little discount and in return ask them to give you a review and a 5 stars rating. Also, try as much as possible to impress your clients with your customer service, that way your clients will give you excellent reviews at freewill.

Stay online Always

See freelancing as a career and treat it as a business. Becoming a successful freelancer does not only stop at knowing how to bid for job, having a good customer service or asking for reviews, you also need to get accustomed to staying connected (24/7 if possible), especially if you’re a newbie. Reasons why you need to stay online always are:

  • Most potential clients would want to check how reliable you are by how fast you reply their messages.
  • Most potential clients invite a lot of bidders and give the job to whoever is online at the time.
  • Some potential clients would want to invite you for a quick negotiation or update.

In fact, there are endless reasons why you need to stay online as a freelancer.

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