How to Create Clickbank Account for Countries not Accepted

This post is essentially designed for those from Clickbank-rejected countries. As you may have noticed, the affiliate network does not accept all countries. This could be as a result of some alarming internet fraudulent activities going on in those countries. If you are from one those countries, you will get an error when trying to create an account. This simply means that your country is currently on Clickbank’s blacklist. In other words, you are not welcome to the platform.

However, if you have a legit method, with no intention of employing fraudulent activities in promoting Clickbank products, here’s a step to follow to get an account.

There are three ways you can actualize this – you can do this using VPN, Proxy (Socks 5 or 6) or VPS. With any of the the aforementioned utilities, you can register on Clickbank using a different country. For example, if you’re from Pakistan and your country is not accepted, you can use a VPN to register successfully, using a different country (e.g. UK, US, Fr etc). While registering, you must pick a country that goes along with the VPN you’re using. For example, if you are using a UK VPN, you will need to pick UK as your residential country during your registration.

Step by Step Guide: How to create Clickbank account

Step 1. For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll be using a VPN. If you prefer VPS or Proxy, go ahead with them. The idea here is just changing your IP address so that Clickbank’s system will not be able to detect your real location.

If you have an android device, go over to Google Play Store and download “UK VPN” or “USA VPN.” If you’re not an Android user, you can get a cheap premium VPN for your PC or Laptop, or better still, get a proxy. For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll be making use of the “UK VPN” on Android. You will achieve the same result with other devices (PC or laptop).

Step 2.

Setting things up

Open the “UK VPN” on your phone or laptop and connect it. Now your IP address will be automatically changed to a UK location.

Step 3. Now head over to Clickbank and click “Create Account” at the top right part of the page. You will be given the usual form to fill out.

Step 4. Go to and click Advance. Set the following:

Name set = England/Wales

Country = United Kingdom

Gender = Drag the gender bar to whichever percent you are happy with.

Finally, click Generate.

You will get something like this:create clickbank account

Step 5. Now proceed by using the generated credentials to fill out the forms. You can change the name to yours if you like. Use your real email.

Finalizing your registration

Step 6. After successfully filling out the forms, you will be taken to another page where you will be required to pick your banking country. Here, you will choose USA as your banking country. Don’t worry, you can change some of these credentials later. But make sure you use your real name.

Step 7. Now just follow the rest of the steps to finalize your registration.

Everything should work perfectly. If you are still getting an error, it means you are doing something wrong. Make sure you follow the steps as outlined. After successfully creating your account, here is how to withdraw your Clickbank earnings


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