JCPenney Credit Card Rewards, Discounts, APR, Benefits

JCPenney Credit card is valid within their shop outlets and other marketplaces. Although, it depends on the type of card. I will explain further below.

As a valid cardholder, you will automatically be enrolled in JCPenney’s reward program. You will be given a point each time you use your JCPenney credit card to make a purchase at any of its stores. Every 1$ you spend equates to 1 point. Hence, $100 equates 100 points.

Furthermore, you will be exposed to a lot of discounts and offers throughout every year. There are 3 credit card membership levels. This simply means the more you shop, the more rewards, discounts and offers you will get. Create a profile at in order to have access to your rewards at your convenient time. Through the above link you can check your purchase history, reward points, and available rewards.

As you already know, everything that has advantages also has disadvantages. One major disadvantage of using JCPenney credit card is the high regular APR of 26.99%.

Penalties await cardholders who fail to pay their monthly balance in full. Such cardholders incur over 26.99% interest, which is currently the highest APR of any store credit card on the market. So, in order for you not to incur interest, you must always pay off your monthly balance.


It depends on the type of card. If your card has a small mastercard, visa or American Express logo on it, then you can use it at any marketplace that accepts master, visa and American express credit cards.

However, if it is a regular JCPenney credit card, you can only use it at JCPenney Online, Salon, Optical, Sephora inside JCPenney and JCPenney portraits.


Every dollar spent with your JCP card earns you a point. $1 = 1 point. Each time you reach the threshold of 100 points, a reward certificate will be sent to you.

Lest I forget, your points will expire at the end of every month if you fail to use them. This simply means that every new month is a new beginning. In other words, you have to start afresh each new month.

Every month, you must spend at least $100 with JCPenney credit card, else, you won’t be given any rewards for your spending (purchases). Funny, even if you spend $99 there will be no rewards for you unless you hit $100.

Let me also bring this to your notice, like I mentioned earlier, you will get reward certificates each time you reach 100 points. Note: Your reward for earning 100 points will be the same for 199 points.

Every year, there are days known as Bonus Point days, this is a period you will earn more points than you usually do.


You will receive %20 off on your first purchases after opening your account. 10% of it goes for watches, mattresses, shades and furniture.

JCPenney credit cardholders will be exposed to various special discount events throughout every year.


There are 3 types of card status at JCP: Basic, gold and platinum.

Basic Card Status

Card holders with basic status gets additional rewards, specials coupons and a birthday gift.

Spending – $0 – $499 annually

Rewards – $1 = 1point

Annual birthday gift – Yes.

As a basic cardholder, you can upgrade to Platinum and Gold status.

Gold Status

You will be qualified for JCPenney Gold credit card status if you spend up to $500 in 1 year. This means you will have access to extra reward certificates, discounts and an annual birthday gift.

Spending – $500 – $999 annually

Rewards – $1 = 1 point

Annual Birthday gift – Yes

Exclusive offers – special coupons

Passbook of coupons & pick your sale day.

Platinum Status

Cardholders who spend up to $1000 in 1 year will be qualified for JCPenney Platinum Credit Card. This gives them access to the aforementioned benefits and free shipping events.

Spending – $1000+ annually

Rewards – $1 = 1 point

Birthday gift – Yes

Exclusive offers – more special coupons

Passbook of coupons & pick your sale day

Shipping – free


The credit card monthly spending is limitless. In other words, there are no limitations attached to your monthly spending. Also, there are no annual charges.

You can also pay your bills at any JCPenney store location. All you have to do is to print a payment slip and take it to any of their customer service.


Annual fee: $0

Regular APR: 26.99% (Variable)


Late fee: $38

Grace Period: 23 days

Max penalty APR: None

Cash Advance Fee: N/A

Online response: No

Smart chip: No

Foreign transaction fee: N/A

Cash Advance rate: N/A


You don’t need to go through some rigorous process before getting your application approved. The process is quite easy.  Most people apply and get approval instantly. JCPenney don’t pay attention to your credit score status, neither do they pay attention to the debts applicants owe other institutions. So, obtaining JCPenney credit card is quite easy.

After you apply, a decision will be made instantly. In most cases applicants get approval immediately. But in some cases applicants might wait for 10 business days. When your account is finally approved, it will take the maximum of 10 business days to receive your card (via mail).

If you don’t receive your card after 10 business days, then you should Contact JCPenney Credit Services via this number: 1-800-542-0800.


In order to get the most out of JCPenney credit card, you need to trade wisely. You need to pay off you balance every month to avoid getting interest charges. In case you don’t know, incuring interest charges will lead to lost of any benefit you should be getting from it. Each bill cycle is 23 days, you will not incur interest charges if you pay up at the due date.

Just like I mentioned in the article, if you don’t spend up to $100 in a month, you will not be able to meet the 100 point which is the threshold for your reward. So, you should consider maximizing your spending. You need to be a regular shopper in order to tap the goldmine.

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