Complete Guide: Make Money Online By Typing CAPTCHAs

Making money online is becoming easier day by day. There are numerous legitimate ways to make money online: you can make money as a freelancer, an affiliate marketer, by selling photos online, selling stuff on amazon, by blogging and other websites, as a transcriber etc. In fact, if you’re currently not making money online then blame yourself because a lot of people are busy churning out money from different online platforms.

Today, I will be revealing to you another cool way to make money online. This is basically for those who want to generate quick passive income. If you’re looking for ways to make quick passive income, then take your time to go through this article till the end, and I guarantee you, you won’t regret it.


  • Do I need money to invest or how much do I need to start?

♦ No, you don’t need money to invest, and you also don’t need money to start.

  •  What do I need to start?

♦ A laptop or desktop, a fast internet and the aptness to type fast and accurately.

This is a very simple way to make money online. You just do some easy tasks, and in return you’ll get paid. The task you’ll be doing is typing captchas.


If you’re a regular user of the web, then I expect you to know what a captcha is. But if you don’ know, no need to worry, I will explain everything bit by bit. A capcha is a human verification test. It is built with the sole purpose of preventing automated bots or softwares from joining websites automatically. This means before you must join a particular website, you must go through a quick test to ensure that you’re not a robot. View the image below for a deep and accurate understanding of what a captcha is.

If you have a Facebook or Gmail account, you must have come across the captcha. The part where you’re always asked to type some sloppy written words correctly into a box (that’s the captcha).

Now this is where you come in. There are companies that need to sign up on thousands of websites on the web, but because of the captcha, they cannot actualize this using their bots or softwares. They have all the bots and softwares that can do this job within the matter of minutes, but there is currently no technology that can automatically solve the captchas. Now this is where they need humans to solve the captcha for the bots or softwares.

Whenever they create an account on any website with captcha enabled security, they send the captcha image to the captcha solver (hired human). The captcha solver has a very short time to type the exact letters or digits (characters) displayed on the image. Accuracy is required here. You must try as much as possible to be exact and accurate.

NOTE: You must complete a captcha in less than 15 seconds (you need to type fast), and you must try as much as possible to be accurate when typing the characters provided on the captcha image. At least, 95% of the time.


Like I said earlier, this is just a way of generating a quick passive income. So don’t expect to generate thousands of dollars (on a monthly basis) with this business. Online captcha websites pay $0.45 to $2 for every 1000 capchas solved. The price ranges from websites. This means you have to solve a lot of captchas in order to generate a decent amount of money from this system. Believe me, it’s not as difficult as you think, although it is time consuming. Lest I forget, you have to be careful because typing captchas wrongly can have you banned. Like I said earlier, accuracy and speed are the major tools here.

Now let’s do a quick calculation. You should be able to complete 8 captchas within 1 minute. This means that in 1 hour time you’ll be able to complete 480 captchas (60 x 8 = 480). Now 480 x 8 hours = 4,000. This means within the range of 8 hours you’ll be able to solve 4,000 captchas. Now let’s assume that the company you’re working for is paying $2 for every 1000 captchas typed. $2×4 = $8. $8 x 31 = $248. If you work for at least 8 hours every day, for 1 month, you will generate $248. Some companies give bonus, so you’re likely to earn higher than this. Another way you can make more money is by referring people.

As you’ve already noticed, this is one hell of a time consuming job. If you have the time and you’re okay with the payment, then go for it, else, there are other ways to catch fish (you can consider other means of making money online I listed above). In some countries, $248 is a lot of money but in other countries, it is a paltry sum of money.


Some of the captcha websites have different payment options: Paypal, Direct debit, Payza, Bitcoin, Western Union, Perfect money etc. You have to go through them and pick the one that is more suitable for you. Some of them also pay immediately you reach the threshold of $1 (minimum). So getting your money won’t be a problem.


Before you jump into signing up, these are some important things you should consider.

  1. You will earn higher on captcha websites that pay with bitcoin than the ones that pay with dollar (USD). Join both and find out which one works better for you.
  2. Some captcha websites are based on bid. This means that they pay higher in some hours than the others. You need to work at the high paying hours in order to earn well.
  3. Some captcha websites pay commission for referring friends (or anyone).
  4. In some captcha panels, a software is provided for working.
  5. If you wish to join a captcha websites that pays with bitcoin, then I recommend you learn about bitcoin first.
  6. Some website uses softwares. You’ll be required to download a software. It is in that software that you’d type your captchas.


Be careful, a lot of captcha websites out there are scams. Most of them won’t pay you. Some will have you banned when you’re close to your threshold (and they’d claim that you got banned because of your consistent mistakes when typing the captcha). But the good news is that some of them are trusted (not scam), and they pay as soon as you reach the required threshold (the amount you must reach before you can withdraw your earnings). To save you the stress, I have gone through the testing process of some of the websites listed below. So take your time to go through it.


This is one of the websites that won’t fail you. It is tested and trusted. What you have to do is to sign up, and signing up is completely free (no price tag attached). This website will also save you the stress of downloading a software or client as most websites require. The only shortcoming is that their commission rate is not stable. It fluctuates (from 0.75 to $1.25). So the money you’ll earn from every 1000 captcha you type will depend on the hour.  Just like I mentioned above, some hours pay higher, while some do the opposite. Although, their hourly payment rate is always indicated on their statistic page.

If you’re already into the captcha business, you would have noticed that one major setback is that some captcha websites are slow, and they expect you to fill out the captcha within 15 seconds (when their websites are as slow as snail, LOL). Although, some websites are not slow, the problem might be from your internet speed. If your internet is slow, then expect the website to be slow in your own end. But ProTypers is far from all these issues, and captchas are always available.

Let me reiterate this, in order to succeed in this business, you need to have a good internet connection. You are expected to fill out every captcha within 15 seconds. If your internet connection is not fast, you’re likely to find it difficult to meet up.

♦ Join


This website has been in the game for five years. They pay well and they pay on time. They pay from $1 and above for every 1000 captchas. Some of their efficient workers earn higher (because they use rating system). This means the faster and accurate you are when typing the captchas, the more money you’ll make. Just like any other business, as a beginner you have to work hard to earn well, but as time goes on you’ll secure yourself a position that will make things easy (you won’t have to work too hard to earn well.

♦ Join KolotiBablo Here:


This is another trusted website. There payment ranges from $0.45 to $1.5 for every 1000 captchas typed. You’re likely to earn $250 (monthly) or more from this website. Another good thing is their payment method can be suitable for anyone, notwithstanding where you’re from (Africa, Asia, Europe etc.). You can receive your payment via any of these: PayPal, Western Union, Payza and WebMoney.

♦ Join MegaTypers Here:


This website pays $1 for every 1000 captchas typed correctly. One good thing is that their threshold amount is very low (which is a good thing). You can withdraw your earnings from $1 and above.

♦ Join Captcha2Cash Here:


This is another cool site you might want to sign up with. This site pays their workers well. They pay $1.5 for every 1000 captchas typed.

♦ Join FastTypers Here:


This website has a lot of workers from around the world. And most of them make $200 (on a monthly basis). If you wish to work with this website then you must learn how to type fast. Your ID is likely to get banned for approximately 30 minutes if you get timed out. They use hourly rating too. You are likely to get maximum rating at night (between 9PM till 9AM).

To join, send an email to: [email protected] They will have your account created and your login details will be sent to you.


One cool thing about this website is that you’re likely to get bonus after solving some complex captcha images. On a norm, they pay $1 for every 1000 captchas typed. You can also make extra money by referring people to them. For example, you can refer your friends or people willing to join the captcha business, and in return you’ll make extra money.

Another cool thing is that you can cashout from $1 and above (which is a big deal).

♦ Join 2Captcha Here:


This website is one of the oldest in the captcha business. This site has been in existence since 2001. This site is no amateur, and that is why you have to go through evaluation test after you join.

♦ Join VirtualBee here:


This site pays weekly. There captcha images are somewhat complex: it is a-2-word captcha service and the letters are case sensitive. You must type at least 800 captchas (in a week) in order to get paid.

♦ Join QulinkGroup here:

Out of all these websites that I have listed, based on my experience I can highly recommend Protypers and Kolotibablo. They really do pay and they pay on time. If you have the time, try all the websites and find out which one works better for you. Take your time to find out which one pays on time, less stressful and where you can work less and earn more.

Like I said before, this job will not earn you huge money. This is basically recommended for those looking for quick ways to generate small passive income. Although, in some countries, converting $200 to their local currency could be a lot of money.

If you’re looking for how to generate huge passive income then I recommend you go into other freelancing jobs, or go into internet marketing (become an affiliate marketer). Here are more ways to make money online.


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