Microsoft Money: Learn the basics and features of MS Money

Microsoft Money is a personal finance management software built and owned by Microsoft. With this software program, you can view your bank account balances, track expenses, create budgets and many more. This program only works with computers that use Microsoft Windows Operating System. Also, there are versions for Windows Mobile (on selected devices).

Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money was discontinued in 2009. Hence, it is no longer being developed as a retail program. The program first came into existence in 1991, and was officially put to stop in 2009. Between 1991 and 2009, it was officially one of Microsoft’s commercial software. Microsoft called a halt on its sales on the June 30, 2009. All access to existing online services and money installation was completely removed in 2011.

Microsoft went on to release a replacement version of Money known as Microsoft Money Plus Sunset. This replacement allows users to edit Money data files. However, it does not have any online feature or support. This new replacement – Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe –  is available in two editions: Deluxe and Home and Business.

Microsoft Money On Windows App Store

Money was later relaunched as a Windows Store app in 2012. This version however was basically designed as news aggregation for investing, real estate management, and personal finance. It also features a mortgage calculator, a currency converter, and stock tracking across the world markets.

NOTE: Some incredible features on the desktop version, such as personal accounting and money management/book keeping are not featured in this new version.

Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe

As earlier mentioned, the Money Plus Sunset Deluxe is a free personal software program developed to replace the earlier versions of Microsoft Money software program. All previous versions of Microsoft Money require activation before use. The demo period is 60 days, after which the user must activate the program in order to continue using it.

The most recent retail version is no longer available for purchase. As a result, all technical support or services for the program have been put to stop. Hence, your activation codes for previous versions have become useless. Microsoft Money Plus Sunset however removes all activation requirements built into previous retail versions. In other words, the new Money replacement does not come with an activation requirement. Worth knowing, it comes with online self-help tools.

Features of Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe

As stated above, this version is totally free (no activation needed). Money Plus Sunset Deluxe is a good option for those who just need to keep track on a few personal financial accounts. It is most suitable for those who don’t use online features like transaction downloads. Below are some of the features you will find in this new version of Microsoft Money:

  • Create and track a budget
  • Link documents and images
  • Manually enter transactions into financial accounts
  • Forecast personal cash flow
  • Import transactions to accounts using OFX or QIF
  • View and print a number of reports for assets and liabilities, investments, income and expenses (access to monthly financial report and income tax reports).

Some of the features Missing

The design of Money Plus Sunset is somewhat similar to the previous Microsoft Money. For example, their navigation is quite identical. However, some incredible features have disappeared, although some of the links and tabs in which those features were embedded are still there.

As mentioned above, the Money Plus Sunset program has the ability to track personal finance accounts, however, it lacks some of the incredible features which made the old Microsoft Money more convenient.

Below are some of the features missing:

  • Update for investment values and transactions.
  • Tax planning tools
  • Updates of transaction and account statement directly within the software program (this option still exists, but it no longer works).
  • Stock quotes
  • Windows Live ID support. To avoid the stress of needing to use offline authentication to try to open the Microsoft Money data file, change it to Money’s standard password authentication method.
  • Online bill pay
  • Data sync with MSN Money online services
  • Help file updated. Clicking on Help will now refer you to features from previous versions of Microsoft Money.

If you are one of those who can’t do without these discontinued features, then you should consider other Microsoft Windows personal finance software options.

How to download and install Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe

Here are somethings you should know before going ahead to install Microsoft Money Plus Sunset.

  • Money Plus Sunset can be installed as an upgrade to any U.S version of Microsoft Money software program, or as a stand-alone software. However, it cannot be installed with another version of the software on the same computer system.
  • Before installing the Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe, ensure to un-install any previous version of Money in your computer.
  • If you wish to re-install a previous version of Microsoft Money, you must un-install Money Plus Sunset.

Download and install Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe

Download and install Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe with this link → Installation process does not require any special skill. Install it as a regular software. Follow these simple instructions below:

  1. Download and locate the file with this title USMoneyDlxSunset and double click it.
  2. You might get a message that your antivirus software can interfere with Microsoft Money setup. If you get this message, click OK to continue.
  3. Now read the license terms and click the I Accept button.
  4. Wait for some minutes for the installation to finish.
  5. After the installation is completed, go ahead and click the FINISH button.


Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10. Microsoft Money was one of the most popular financial applications before it was discontinued. Even though it was discontinued, a lot of people are happy that the software program works smoothly (without any issues) on Windows 10. The application runs perfectly on Windows 10 even without employing any compatible mode.

This software program is now completely free. However, as stated above, it now lacks certain features and online support which made it much easier and convenient earlier before now. So before you go ahead to install it on your computer, I would recommend that you take a look at the current features and the features it does no longer support – carry out your assessment above.

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