Pinnacle Bank Hours: Opening and Closing Time

Pinnacle Financial Partners was founded by 12 Nashville businessmen on February 20, 2000. It is a bank headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The bank operates in East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina. The company went public on the NASDAQ (stock market) in May 2002. It is listed under the following symbol, PNFP. Additionally, as of January 22, 2017, Pinnacle acquired BNC Bank of High Point, North Carolina, with branches in Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina. See the information below to find out about Pinnacle Bank hours for normal days and weekends (Saturday and Sunday). You should also check out Centennial Bank operating hours for weekdays.


Pinnacle Bank Hours Today: Opening and Closing Time

The bank hours may differ in different locations as some branches operate with modified time.

Weekdays Hours: Most of the bank branches open at 9:00 AM and close at 5 PM, Monday to Friday. Some branches may open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


Saturday and Sunday Hours: The bank is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

NOTE: You should know that these hours might change during some holidays or events. If you would like to find out about holiday and event hours, feel free to contact customer service. See contact details below.


Contact Customer Service

You can verify any of the information above or make further inquiries about Pinnacle Bank hours by simply contacting customer service. Use the contact information below.

Phone Number: The fastest and reliable way to reach out to the bank’s representatives is by phone. Call the following number to speak with a member of the bank’s management, . This method of contact allows you to reach the bank as quickly as possible.

Social Media: Another reliable way to reach out to the bank is through social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can easily do this by visiting any of the sites and searching for the bank’s official support page. Use this keyword for your search, Pinnacle Bank. When you locate the right page, send them your queries and wait for a reply.

NOTE: We recommend that you try to reach the bank by phone if your matter requires urgent attention.  This method of contacting the bank allows you to get a quick response and support.