Regions Bank Near Me: How to find Regions Bank branches near you

Regions Bank near Me is a post written to teach you the easy ways to find Regions Banks around your neighborhood or any location. So take your time and read through. If you don’t find the intro part useful, feel free to skip it. See Regions online banking guide here.

Regions Bank is a financial corporation based in America. It offers banking and financial services to its customers. It is a member of the S&P 500 and is the biggest deposit holder in Alabama with its current asset at $22.8 billion, which makes it 22nd largest bank in America, and the 10th largest bank in United States. Regions Bank currently has over 1,700 branch locations and 2,400 ATMs in the Midwest, South and Texas. The bank is currently serving 16 states.

Regions Bank offers services such as corporate and retail banking, security brokerage, mortgage, insurance products and so forth.

The bank was established on January 1, 1928 (more than 50 years ago). Regions Bank is headquartered in Birmingham, AL, and it has over $120,932,310,00 worth of assets. One significant thing one must consider when choosing a bank is the bank’s health. Regions Bank appears to be very much financially healthy.


There are various ways you can find Regions bank branch locations close to you. You can do this by using the Regions Bank branch locator or by using the mobile app.

Follow these simple instructions below to find Regions Bank branch locations near you.

  1. Firstly, go to Regions Bank locator page.
  2. Enter your ZIP code or street address, or the landmark of the place you wish to find Regions Bank branch locations and click on “Find.”Regions Bank Near Me Regions Bank Near Me
  3. Here is what would happen if you do this, Regions Bank locator will locate its branches and ATMs within the ZIP code or address of the place you searched for.
  4. You can get a direction through the map and walk or drive down to your preferred branch location.Regions Bank Near MeRegions Bank Near MeTo do this, click on “Get Direction,” a map will appear on your screen with directions to the place your preferred branch is situated. Or simply click on any of the icons that indicate a branch on the map and enter your address to get a direction to the place.

How to find Regions Bank locations with the mobile app

Regions Bank has a very a unique app with which account holders can find its branches or ATMs around them. This app is fully optimized to be user-friendly. This app does not only let you find Regions bank branches and ATMs; it also allow users to carry out various banking transactions. For example, with this app, you can keep track of your account, get alerts, make bill payments, check deposits, make an appointment, transfer funds from one bank account to another, and so forth.

Follow these simple instructions below to find Regions Bank near you with your mobile phone or tablet:

  1. Firstly, download the Regions mobile app. The app is currently available for two major platforms: Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad). Android users should download the app on Google play store. iOs users should download the app on iTunes.
  2. Open the app on your mobile phone or tablet.
  3. Tap on the link that says “Locations,” and choose one of the browsers on your phone/tablet.
  4. Enter your ZIP code or address of the place you wish to find Regions Bank branches or ATMs."<yoastmark
  5. Now check the button that says “Branches & ATMs.”
  6. Finally, click on “Find.” This is what will happen after you click on “Find,” all Regions Bank branches and ATMs within that location will be displayed on your screen. Tap any one of your choice for details such as address, hours of business and so forth."<yoastmark

    To view your results on a live map, click on “View Map” at the top right corner part of the page.


Number of Regions Bank branches in the states in U.S

One way to know whether Regions Bank will be very convenient for you is to find out how many branch locations are in your state or place of residence. The table below contains the number of Regions Bank branch locations in the 16 states they are currently serving. Keep in mind that the more branch locations you have in your state, the easier it would be to find a branch near you.

South Carolina30
North Carolina6

Contact Regions Bank Customer Service for queries or assistance

If you are facing any technical challenge, like finding it difficult to locate Regions Bank branches near you, or maybe you need assistance as regards online banking, or you just want to make inquiries directly from the bank, call the appropriate numbers below. With this numbers you can speak with Regions Bank customer care representatives for more assistance or guidelines.

Regions Bank Customer Service Center Number 1-800-734-4667

For online banking services 1-800-472-2265

Regions Credit Card Customer Service 1-800-253-2265

Visa Check Card 1-800-295-8472


Regions Bank is one of the biggest banks in U.S. As earlier mentioned above, this giant financial institution has over 1,700 banking offices and over 2,400 ATMs.

It was formed by the merging of different banks. It has thousands of staff across United States, and its headquarters are situated in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A.

Regions bank is one of the convenient banks in US, considering its hours of business and a considerable amount of its branches scattered all over United States.

One quick way to find out if Regions bank is a bank you can rely on is to go through the list of branches in the table above and find out how many branches you have in your state. Secondly, observe the bank’s financial health. As at the time of writing this post, Regions Bank appears to be financial buoyant.

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