TCF Bank Near Me: Find Branches & ATMs Close to You

TCF Bank is a subsidiary of TCF Financial Corporation. It is a bank holding company that is headquartered in Wayzata, Minnesota. The bank has hundreds of branches in Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Michigan, and Colorado. TCF first went public in 1986 with the name TCF Banking and Savings. Chemical Bank of Detroit announced its merger with TCF bank on January 28, 2019. The agreement is that the new corporation will retain TCF, but its headquarters will be in the tower being constructed by Chemical in Detroit. Finding TCF bank near you is easy with the help of its online tool. Follow the simple instruction below to find TCF branches and ATM locations close to you. See the easiest way to locate all Commerce Bank branches around your neighborhood by clicking the link.


TCF Near Me: Find Branches & ATM Locations Close to You

  1. Go to TCF branch/ATM locator
  2. You will find a search box on the page
  3. Enter your city and state, or the ZIP code of your location
  4. Click the search button and wait for it to load

The site will look for all TCF bank branches and ATM locations within your specified location and display them to you on a live map. You will also find the results of each branch in a tab. The results will contain the full address and phone number of the representatives of each branch.

How to Get the Best Result for TCF bank near you

You will need to filter your searches to get the best result. You can easily do this by choosing your preferred option. For instance, if you are looking for branches only, select the ‘branch’ option and uncheck the rest of the options. By doing this, the site will display only results that are related to your preferred options. You can do the same for ATM and other available options.


Contact Customer Service

You can reach out to the customer service representatives if you are facing any kind of difficulty. For example, if you are finding it difficult to navigate the site or you just can’t find TCF bank branches near you, feel free to contact the bank’s representative via the information below.

Calling them on the phone is the fastest and easiest way to reach them, especially if your matter requires urgent attention. Call this number to speak with a representative: 1-800-823-2265. Customers with hearing impairment should call this number instead: 1-800-343-6145.


TCF Bank Help desk is available 24 hours, 7 days. The busiest time is usually 1:30 PM. This may not be the best time of the day to call for help. This is the bank’s help desk url:

You can also call this number: 800-823-5363.