TCF Online Banking Guide – How to login or enroll

TCF Online banking has one of the best secure online login – hence, security vulnerability is not going to be a problem for you. The TCF online banking platform enables users to carry out all kinds of transactions using their PCs, mobile phones or any other type of gadget that has access to the internet.

Follow the step by step guide below to login into your TCF online banking account.

TCF Online Banking Guide

  1. Firstly, go to the secure login page of TCF bank from its homepage [], you will see a page just like the one below

    TCF online banking login page

    TCF online banking login page

  2. Next, choose your banking requirement from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now, enter your login ID and click the next button.
  • If you forgot your login ID then click on the Forgot ID button to retrieve your login info.
  1. Next, enter your security answer and then click on the CONTINUE button.
  2. Finally, you’ll be logged in and taken to your account’s dashboard (homepage).

In case you don’t already know this, TCF online banking offers a lot of features you can utilized. For example, you can transfer money and pay bills at the comfort of your home or office (working place). Now imagine the stress and money this service will save you. You can carry out your banking transactions without visiting any of the bank branches. With TCF online banking, you can carry out virtually all banking transactions without stress and waste of time.

Things You Can Do With TCF Online Banking

The following are some of the things you’ll have access to after you successfully login into your online banking account:

  • Transfer funds
  • Conduct online bill-pay
  • Convert your paper bills into e-Bills
  • Display your transaction statements.
  • View your balances in all of your accounts.

TCF Online Banking Enrollment

  • If you have an online TCF bank account that has not been enrolled in the internet banking platform, do so now by visiting TCF online banking website and fill out the required information as stated below:
  • Membership Share Account
  • Account PIN
  • Social Security Number

TCF online banking customer care assistance – Phone Number

If you’re having some difficulties in carrying out online transactions, logging in, signing up or any other type of challenges, you can contact TCF bank customer care representatives using this phone numbers:

→ 1(612)823-2265

→ 1(800)823-2265

TCF General Banking Review

TCF is a regional financial institution with a colossal range of products and a small network of branches () and ATMs. It is more convenient for those living in any of the following states in which TCF branches are located: Michigan, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The shortcoming of TCF is that the fees are expensive and rates are low.

TCF online banking website is modern and clean, though, in most cases fees and interest rates can be hard to find. Even though its mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms get low ratings, they are quite useful. For example, they can allow you to transfer money between TCF accounts, and also allow you to pay bills.

The customer service of TCF is available through phone, from 6 AM to 10PM CT on week days and 9 AM to 6 PM on weekends, and on Twitter. Furthermore, you can also get support from one of its 331 branches located in Colorado, Michigan, South Dakota, Illinois, Arizona, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Overdraft fees

TCF charges $37 overdraft up to 5 times in a single day. In order for one to avoid this fee with overdraft transfers – it is cheaper than ($10 each time). Also, TCF bank accounts require extra padding above the minimum balance requirements in order to avoid these fees.


TCF Power saving account has an interest rate that falls below the national average. In some cases, some savings products in TCF bank can offer rates which are slightly higher, but they don’t always come close to %1 or higher.

The Pros

-A low $25 opening deposit

-TCF savings account monthly maintenance fee is $4 which is with a minimum balance of $100.

The Cons

-There is a withdrawal limit fee of $15 for exceeding 6 monthly transactions.


TCF’s free checking is more advantageous for customers who won’t move from TCF Bank ATM and branch locations. Though you will not get interest on your account, but the good news is that you won’t have to pay monthly maintenance fee or keep a minimum balance of $100.

The Pros
  • A low deposit requirement of $25
  • No monthly maintenance fee charges or minimum balance of $100 requirement.
The Cons
  • There are just 331 branches for in-person banking
  • No interest for the basic checking account
  • A small network of 843 ATMs

TCF Bank Locations


TCF Bank operates 38 branches in Michigan. It increased its presence in Michigan (1995) by acquiring the Great Lakes National Bank. Between 1995 and 1998, the TCF Bank branches in Michigan operated with the Great Lakes National Bank’s name. Then later in 1999, the branches were reflagged as TCF.

The University of Michigan in 2002 picked TCF as its preferred bank to provide banking services to students, Staff and faculty. This however, boosted the presence of its presence in Michigan.

TCF Bank moved to sale its Michigan headquarters building in 2005 to Ann Arbor real-estate company (McKinley Associates). Although, part of the ground level still remains a TCF Bank branch.

Also, on November 6, 2006, TCF moved to sale 10 of its branches in Bay City, Battle Creek, and Saginaw to Independent Bank. As a result of this sale, TCF’s Michigan branches became concentrated in Southeast Michigan (primarily around Detroit).


The first branch office of TCF Bank in Arizona was first opened in Mesa, on December13, 2006. Currently, TCF operates 7 branches in the state of Arizona.


There are 36 branches of TCF in the Denver metro area and Colorado Springs.

South Dakota

TCF has only two branches in Sioux Falls.


There are 25 branches of TCF in Wisconsin.


TCF Bank currently operates 192 branches in the metropolitan area of Illinois (including the branches inside of Jewel-Osco stores).

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