The Secret of Getting Accepted into any CPA Affiliate Network

You may have noticed that some CPA Networks hardly accept applicants, especially newbies. This in most cases does not have to do with the country you are applying from. The problem here is that these networks only want to work with sophisticated people in the realm. Hence, they do not give approval to newbies or people who are unprofessional or less informed about the industry. They want to make sure that you know what you are doing before they will give you their approval to go ahead and promote their products. Some of these newtorks are: Maxbounty, Clickboot, Ogads etc.

I have received tons of emails from mostly newbies lamenting about their failures in getting accepted into CPA affiliate networks. I have taken my time to put this small piece together, take your time too to read and apply all that you will learn, and I promise you this, no CPA affiliate network will reject your application, ever!

How do I get accepted as a newbie?

To get accepted as a newbie, you have to pose like an expert. Try as much as possible to eradicate any atom of “noobness” in your answers to their questions. Also, you have to prove to them that you are worthy; let them know that you are ready to work. You can do this by having the following things ready before even thinking of applying:

Setting up a website

One way you can prove to these stubborn CPA affiliate networks that you are serious about working with them is by having a website with some ads on it, good contents and a niche.

Setting up a website these days is quite easy. You don’t need to be a tech savvy to be able to set up one. With $20 or less you could have your own website (with your own domain name and hosted service) running within an hour. Also, if you are too “broke” to afford $20, you could use free platforms like Blogger or WordPress. These platforms will give you access to set up your own website within minutes, all for free. You won’t need to buy a domain name or a hosting service, everything is free! However, these benefits come with certain drawbacks. Hence I would recommend that if you have the money for a domain name and a hosting service, you should buy them and host your own custom website. That way you will have a total ownership of your website. You won’t have to adhere to some of the unfriendly policies that these platforms are likely going to present to you.

If you set up a website about a particular niche or a micro blog about a particular subject, with good contents and some ads, it will prove to them (CPA networks) that you will only employ ethical techniques in promote their publishers’ ads. However, if your website is ugly with substandard content and is considered to be inappropriate then you are likely not going to be accepted.

You need to make sure that your website is sensible and does not break any terms and conditions. That way I assure you, you won’t get rejected.

How they expect you to answer their questions

Like I earlier mentioned, you have to prove to them that you are qualified by posing as an expert. This is where most people fail the test. These affiliate networks take this part so serious. In fact, this part determines whether you will get accepted or not.

When they ask you this kind of question:

How do you intend to promote our products?

They expect you to answer them like somebody who is already into business; somebody with some experience. This is what your answer should look like:

I intend to promote your ads using a range of online marketing techniques. I am an online marketing expert and I will be using email marketing, article

marketing and social network marketing to promote the products. Furthermore, I will be promoting your products on my blog and my website [URL name], and will also generate traffic using a range of PPC methods geared towards different niches. I look forward to working with you and promoting more of your products.

I hope you get the idea?

This is just an example of what your answer should look like. I hope you get the idea? I am sure you can come up with something better. If not, you could copy and edit this one. Now the answer above tells them that you are serious and it also makes them to be under the impression that you are an expert. For these reasons, they will have your account approved in no time.

Let me stress again that this part is very important. If you do not give them an answer similar to the one above, you are likely not going to be accepted!

If they ask you to list the CPA networks that you are currently working with, you could just list 2 or 3 popular networks (even though you are not working with them).

Stay on the look out in case of follow up questions

After submitting your information, stay on the lookout for follow up questions. Some CPA networks might approve your account immediately, some will take hours or days to review it, during which they may send further questions to you via email or call you on the cell or via Skype.

Be bold if they call or send you follow up questions

Once again, these serious CPA networks want to make sure that you know what you are doing and that’s the reason why they might send you follow up questions. If this happens, give them the same answers you gave them during your registration. Most of the follow up questions will be almost the same as the ones you were asked during your registration. Like I stressed earlier, they want to make sure that you know what you are doing. If you give them answers quite different from the one you gave them in your registration, they’re likely going to reject your application. So give them similar answer. You may change the words or construction, but make sure that the terminologies are retained and that the idea is the same.

If they called on the phone or via Skype, be bold and speak to them. Just repeat what you have earlier submitted to them. Remember, you could change the construction but make sure that the terminologies and idea contained in the answer you submitted to them in your application is the same.


There is no magic behind getting accepted into CPA affiliate networks. All you have to do is to apply the secrets I have shared with you above, and I promise you this, no CPA network will reject your application.

The most important aspect of the information above is that you get a website. Secondly, you should pose like an expert and not a newbie – you can actualize this by answering their questions in a professional way. Finally, Always lookout for a follow up questions. Remember, first impression matters. If you respond to their follow up questions quick, it makes a good impression; it shows that you are serious and it subsequently adds to the reasons why they should approve your account.

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