Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Benefits, Rewards, Apr, Fees

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card is one of the most popular and used retail credit cards in U.S. It is a store credit card with rewards. People are attracted to it with the sole purpose of saving money when shopping for lingerie. Just like other credit cards, it can get you into debt if you don’t use it wisely.

Most people signed up because they wanted 25 Angel Points and $15 off their next purchase, others signed up because the card is attractive and lingerie-looking. Whatever your reason might be, you just need to shop wisely.

The truth is that no matter what kind of credit card perks you get as you increase your spending, a time will come when you need to “pay the piper.” Apart from this, the interest rate is not at all friendly.

Retailer cards don’t usually come with friendly interest rates, and Victoria’s secret card is no exception. The cards have 3 versions, and newbies start out with the regular Angel Card. After spending more on the card, accumulating more points, you’ll be upgraded to the next version – which is ANGEL VIP and then to ANGEL FOREVER. The higher the card, the more benefits you’ll get.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Benefits

The rewards

Every dollar you spend in the store with your Victoria’s secret card equates to 1 reward point. This means $100 will equate to 100 reward points. But on bra purchases, every dollar you spend equates to 2 points. When your reward points reach 250, you will be sent a gift card. It is usually $10 for the lower two reward tiers (card versions) and $15 for the highest.

If you accumulate up to 500 points, you’ll be automatically bumped to the second reward tier (Angel VIP), and when you hit 1,000 points, you will be upgraded to the highest (ANGEL FOREVER). The gift cards equates to a 4% and 6% rewards rate, respectively.


In addition, all cardholders will receive $10 gift card on their birthday and an anniversary gift. Also, they’ll get early access to the retail chain’s semi-annual sale.

Cardholders in the upper reward tiers – Angel VIP and Angel Forever – will enjoy additional perks, such as free beauty gifts, triple points during selects and an annual thank you gift.

Rates and fees

There is no annual fees associated with Victoria’s secret credit card membership. However, late payment fees goes up to a maximum of $35, while returned payment fees may go up to $25. There is no foreign transaction fee too. There is an annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 25.74% with no balance transfers or introductory APRs.

Disadvantages of Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

There is a risk of losing points: If you don’t make at least one purchase with the card within a period of 12-month (1 year), your card will automatically become inactive and you’ll lose all your accumulated reward points. Therefore, if you’re not a regular Victoria’s Secret shopper, it is best you opt in for a credit card with no expiration on rewards.

High Interest Rate: Victoria’s Secret Credit Card has a high variable interest rate of 24.99% (which is not cool). Your rewards will be negated quickly by interest fees if you carry a balance. If this is going to be a problem for you, consider a credit card with a low interest rate.

Limited Usage

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card is basically used in Victoria’s Secret and PINK stores. In most cases, you can also use it at Bath & Body Works stores. However, you will not earn any reward point on any of the purchases. Hence, this is a limitation – the usefulness of the card is restricted, especially if compared to other rewards cards like JCPenney Credit Card and the likes – which will allow you to earn rewards points regardless of where your purchases were made.

However, if Victoria’s Secret is one of your best retailing stores and you’re not a regular shopper – let’s say you make use of the stores at least twice in a year – and you’re eager to stay up to date about sales and occasional free-shipping break, then the limitation should not be a barrier.

People who Victoria’s Credit Card Is Basically For

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card is more suitable for diehard Victoria’s Secret customers who have no plan of carrying a balance, and who have an array of other credit cards – in addition to it.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Rewards program is quite generous. So, you can take advantage of this by planning your shopping sprees around the special sales.

Special Offers
$10 or $15 Credit on your birthday
1 Point earned for each dollar spent
$10 or $15 Credit per 250 points earned
Exclusive access to Victoria’s Secret shopping event and sales


Card Details
Tier Membership System
No annual charges
Late payment fee of $35
Free shipping online for bra purchases


Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
Rate is 25.74%
Penalty APR – N/A
Cash Advance APR – N/A

Alternatives To Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

After reading the above content and you feel disappointed, here is what to do. Remember, you can still shop at Victoria’s Secret using another credit card and still get rewards for your purchases. Consider the below alternative to Victoria’s Secret Credit Card.

If you are in collage

You should consider getting a student credit card if you’re in college. Student credit cards may not have the same level of perks as the others, but in most cases, they will give you cash back for your purchases – which will help you build up credit till when you’re ready for a more generous card (maybe a card to your best retailer).

If you’re a responsible spender who pay off his bill each month

If you’re a responsible spender who want some payback for his shopping sprees, then you should consider a cash back rewards credit card.

If you’re the type who carry a balance

If you fall under the categories of shoppers who are not always able to pay off all that they owe on their credit cards, then you should consider a credit card that offers low interest rates.


There is a reasonable amount of benefits (rewards) offered to Victoria’s Secret Credit Card holders, but in order for them to get the best out of it, they must be regular shoppers. In other words, as a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card holder, to get the best out of the rewards and benefits, you must be willing to spend money consistently at Victoria’s Secret.

And if you’re not careful enough, you’re likely to incur a large sum of debt. So whatever you do, shop wisely.

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