Walmart Credit Card Login: How To Sign In Or Apply

Walmart Credit Card Login – Walmart is a chain of stores based in the STATES (U.S.). It is considerably the largest chain of stores in the world. Walmart credit card is associated with the Walmart chain of stores. Hence, it can only be used within the Walmart stores – any Walmart store (worldwide). With this card you can make purchases in the stores online.

There are tons of reasons why you might want to login to your Walmart credit card account; it could be to pay your bill, check balance, see history statement, or review your reward points. Whichever reason it maybe, this post will guide you through on how to login to your Walmart account.

  1. Firstly, go to Walmart login page:
  2. After going to Walmart Credit Card login page, the next thing will be to enter your username in the ID box (password is not required). After typing your username, check the “remember me” radio button if you would like the system to remember your login details in case of next time (you won’t need to type your details in next login) – Note: If you are using a public computer, shared device or network, it is not advisable.
  3. After following the above procedure, the next thing you need to do is to click the “Sign in now” button. You will be logged into your account. Now you have full access to your account, you can pay your bill, check balance, view history statement etc.

Walmart Credit Card Login – Forgot User ID Or Password?

Like I mentioned earlier, the only requirement to login to your Walmart credit card account is a user ID (you don’t need a password).

  1. Firstly, go to the login page.
  2. Now locate and click “Find User ID.” If you forgot your password, click “Reset password.” You can find these options in within the login tab, immediately after the two login boxes.
  3. After you’re taken to the page, enter your Walmart credit card account number from the front of your card – the last 4 digits of the primary cardholder.
  4. After entering your required information, click the “next” button.
  5. You will be provided with a self-explanatory steps in which you will follow to retrieve your user ID or password.

Walmart Credit Card Login – Mobile Login

If you would like to manage your Walmart Credit card account using a mobile device, then you need to download a supported app for your device. With such app you can login to your Walmart Credit Card account with ease. To login, after installing the app, open it and enter your user ID and you will be logged into your account.

Currently, Walmart supports the following mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad. Just like I mentioned earlier, in order for you to be able to manage your Walmart credit card account, you need to download any of the above apps based on your mobile platform. If your device is iOS (iPhone or iPad) based platform, then click the iPhone or iPad link above. But if your device is an android based platform, then click the Android link.

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your supported device, login to your account in order to be able to manage your account or shop on Walmart online store.

Things You Can Do With Your Mobile Phone After You Login

These are the things you will have access to after logging into your Walmart credit card account with your phone.

  • You can pay Walmart bill through your online account using your mobile device. This means you can pay your bill on the go without any stress.
  • Also, you can see all your purchases, withdrawals and credits with your statement history. This will save you time because you can easily and quickly access any information you need. This is more helpful during tax period especially if you are a business owner, you might want to see all the purchases you have made.

Walmart Credit Card Enrollment

If you are yet to get a Walmart online management account, then you can do so by following the easy steps outlined below:

  1. Firstly, go to Walmart card management enrollment page.
  2. Enter your card number and ZIP code in the boxes provided to you.
  3. Now click “Continue” to finish the process.

NOTE: Take your time to review Synchrony Bank’s Internet Privacy Policy and Website Usage Agreement. You must agree to these terms and conditions in order for you to have a Walmart online management account.

Walmart Credit Card Predpaid login

Use this address to check your Walmart prepaid card:

Check Walmart Credit Card Balance With These Phone Numbers

Call the numbers in the table below to hear your Walmart Credit Card balance. Before you call, keep your credit card close to you so as to be able to comply with the necessary requirement.


Contact Customer Service

The Walmart master card and store credit card phone number is 1-877-294-7880

Credit Card Payment Addresses

Regular address:
Walmart Credit Services
P.O. Box 530927
Atlanta, GA 30353-0927


Overnight Address:
Walmart Credit Services
485 Lake Mirror Road
Atlanta, GA 30349


In case you are having problem logging into your account or paying your bill, you can reach out to the customer service representatives for assistance through the above phone number or address.

Worth knowing, the Walmart Credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank; hence, you will make payments and receive customer service assistance directly from Synchrony Bank.

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