Wells Fargo Near Me: How to Find Branches/ATMs Near You

Wells Fargo near me is a post written to teach you the easiest ways to find branch locations and ATMs close to you.

It is one of the biggest banks in United States, alongside Chase Bank, Bank of America, and Citigroup. The financial institution has over 70 million customers and $1.9 trillion in assets – which makes it the bank with third largest assets among banks in United States.

The financial institution currently has 8,600 banking locations across United States, and 13,000 ATMs, which makes banking transactions for its customers quite convenient. See Wells Fargo Routing numbers here.

Wells Fargo near me: How to find branches close to you

  1. Firstly, go to Wells Fargo Bank locator tool.
  2. Enter the ZIP code or landmark of your location into the search box and click “Search.”wells fargo near meYou can select the state and city you wish to find Wells Fargo bank location using the map. Also, you can narrow you options by the right. For example, you can choose to look for only bank locations that open on Saturday. In the case, you’ll need to tick “Open Saturday.”
  3. Now go through the list of locations and banking hours shown to you in order to find the nearest branch with the most convenient banking hours. You can use the map provided to you for directions.search results

Number of Wells Fargo branch Locations by States

States with Wells Fargo LocationsNumber of Location in State
New York77
North Carolina299
South Carolina104
New Jersey285
District of Columbia25
North Dakota19
South Dakota42
Washington, D.C.136
New Mexico77

How to find Wells Fargo branches via the mobile app

The bank provides a free mobile app which aids customers to carry out various banking transactions with ease. This app is compatible with Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad) and windows phone. The app features lots of useful facilities for all account holders.

With this mobile app, customers can carry out banking transactions, such as transferring of funds, balance information, receiving and sending money via a mobile number or an email address, bill payments and so forth. This app is basically designed to save time.

It also has a GPS function which gives account holders the ability to find Wells Fargo bank branches and ATM close to them.

In fact, having this app with you is like carrying your bank with you, because you can easily and safely manage your accounts and money anytime, anywhere! To get this app, download it at your mobile shop.

  1. Open the app and navigate to the bottom of the page and click on “Locations” under “How can we help?”Wells Fargo mobile banking app
  2. Enter your ZIP code, street address, city or state of where you want to find Wells Fargo bank locations in the box provided and click on “Search.”
  3. If you don’t know the address to your current location, click on the “Use my current loction” button.
    Locator tool

    Wells Fargo near me

    Search results

    → You can use the map for directions.

How to find ATMs near you

  1. Firstly, from the browser on your smartphone, laptop or desktop, navigate to its homepage and select “ATMs/Locations.”
  2. Now beneath “Find a Wells Fargo location,” type in the ZIP code, street address, or landmark your location.
  3. Next, narrow your search by choosing the options you want to the right of the location box. For example, you can decide to filter out all  ATM location without drive-up or 24 hours of service.
  4. If you’re facing any technical challenge relating to your search, get help by clicking on the “Locator Help” button beneath the ATM map. This page will provide you with tips for enhancing your search, using the map without a mouse, educate you on locator terms and so forth.

Cardless ATM

Wells Fargo cardless ATM is one of the latest ATM banking technology. With its mobile app, you can now make withdrawals. The app gives customers the privilege to generate an 8-digit code, which they will enter along their PINs at ATM, and be granted access to carry out banking transactions. This means that you don’t need your ATM card to make banking transactions. You can easily make withdrawals or carry out other ATM banking transactions with just the mobile app.

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