Wells Fargo Online Banking Information

Wells Fargo Bank Online Banking is one of the best. It maintains a unique site with user-friendly navigation, loads of contents and many other cool features. They also keep up with time, and provide mobile and P2P options for customers (which is currently in high demand). Wells Fargo login is very simple and straight. You can easily access your account online in less than 2 minutes.


Wells Fargo Online Banking Information

  1. Wells Fargo gives users the privilege to open and fund new checking accounts online, which is an added advantage because it saves users a lot of time and trips to the bank.
  2. One thing that is not cool about Wells Fargo online banking is the sporadic ads that comes up before clicking to continue an application or task.
  3. From the comfort of your home, you can sign in and view various accounts and investments at any time of the day. Your personal information and privacy is well protected; there is a section on how they are protected. Also, there are tabs that show historical statements and transactions.
  4. Another cool thing about Wells Fargo online banking is the automatic bill payment feature. This feature makes paying your monthly bills hassle-free.
  5. Next is the customer service. If you ever need assistance, there is a customer service feature, which includes e-mail support, telephone, mail service, a very large database of help topics and an online community where all questions are answered.
  6. Wells Fargo bank online banking website is quite easy to navigate with loads of rich information and tons of options. In fact, the site deserves a bravo for ease of use and the tons of information it contains.
  7. If you have an account with Wells Fargo, then you really need to start utilizing the resources on this website in order to make managing your accounts and paying your bills hassle-free. Next, all of your products should be available with one login. For example, if you have an auto loan checking account and student loans, you can see all of them at just-a-glance. This really saves time and makes maintenance of your accounts quite easy.

Wells Fargo Bank Online Banking Improvements

One of the best features offered by this facility is a spending report with a budget tracker.  Most banks only offer basic transaction history, but Wells Fargo has gone beyond basic to the point of turning the fine print transactions into visual data (which is much helpful). As a customer, you can easily get an overall picture of where your spending is going every month, and compare it to your proposed budget.

Seeing all those shopping charges in graphical form makes them hard to ignore. This tool can be utilized to a great length. It can help people get control of their spending and follow their budget as planned.


The Downside of this Facility

  1. Just like most banks out there, getting to a live operator from Wells Fargo may take some time and effort. In fact, you really need to exercise a lot of patience. The good news is that the customer service lines are always open 24/7, which is more beneficial to those who call outside non-business working hours. This is the best time to call because the queue is always shorter during non-business hours.
  2. Wells Fargo P2P is not one of the best features since it is specifically for Wells Fargo users. Therefore, in order for you to send or receive money via this platform, you must be Wells Fargo customer or you need to get an account with SurePay. Although, the same system is also adopted by other banks out there, so, don’t hold it against Wells Fargo. Apart from using the P2P platform, there are other easier ways to send money.

There are several ways you can manage your account through Wells Fargo online banking platform.

Website Review

If you visit Wells Fargo official website, the home page to be precise, you will find a lot of information and a colossal number of links appear to blend with the trademark (orange and gold).


It is broken down into sections in order for users to be able to navigate easily. Each section contains variety of links. Though the site is quite user-friendly, but the excessive load of information can make everything boring and time-consuming.

Some users are likely to experience slow loading of pages, but other users might have every page load smoothly and fast.

To sum up my points, overall, the website is quite direct and easy to navigate.