What is Amazon Prime About? Get All Your Answers Here

What is Amazon Prime about? Amazon, as we know it, is a retail giant that is dominating the eCommerce sector in recent times. It is currently expanding into various industries. Through the Prime Program, it has launched a lot of new services. Compare Amazon credit cards here.

What Is Amazon Prime About?

Amazon Prime is an annual membership based program in which members are given unlimited access to e-books, movies, videos, music, free shipping, and tons of other services and deals. The program was launched in 2007.

As mentioned above, the Prime program is packed with loads of cool services. Such services vary from unlimited movie/film or music streaming to a very short time delivery (one hour) of all your Amazon orders. The annual membership fee is $99. If $99 seem like a big deal to you, then you can opt for the monthly subscription which is $10.99 per month. For me, I would prefer the annual subscription plan because it’s a bit cheap compared to the monthly plan.


what is amazon prime about

The Free Trial Period

The program gives a 30-day free trial for its potential users who wish to have a taste of what the program feels like before jumping in to put their money to work. The free trial period is packed with early deals and free two-day shipping. Other perks you will get from the free trial pack are discounts on Amazon services (generally), access to 13, 000 kid-friendly movies, TV shows, books, apps, educational related shows, and many others.

Amazon Prime Student gives a free 6-month trial to students with valid .edu email. Such students will get unlimited benefits of Prime, plus some special deals and coupons. After 6 months, such student will be required to pay $5.49 monthly fee or an annual fee of $49 – whichever one he prefers.

Now let’s go into full details about this program. Below are all you need to know about Amazon Prime.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

Just like I have earlier mentioned, Amazon Prime annual fee is $99. For students, the annual fee is reduced to a fraction of $49 which is half of the price of Prime. Note: Users are not allowed to pay in installments.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

As indicated above, if you’re the free trial kind of person, this program has got you covered. The program gives potential members free 30-day trial. Note: When you opt for the free trial plan, remember to set your reminder to CANCEL before the subscription ends (very important) – else you will be charged the regular $99 annual fee.

The free trial plan is packed with loads of benefits, such as early deals, free two-day shipping, 13, 000 kid-friendly movies, books, apps, access to Amazon Prime Video and more.

If you’re a student and you’re using this free trial plan, there are extra goodies for you. For example, you will get a 6-month free Amazon-next-day deliveries, plus 50% off full membership plan after the end of your free trial. Also, the free trial offers the same benefits it offered to full paying members, apart from the Kindle Lending Library and Prime Instant Video.

What Happens After My Prime Free Trial Expires?

Generally, after your free trial expires, your account will automatically be upgraded to an annual plan of $99. If you don’t want your account to upgrade to a premium account after your trial, go to ‘Your Account,” select ‘Do not upgrade before your free trial expires.’

Amazon Prime Discounts

Members are entitled to a discount of $10 to $15 off their first order. But this can only be obtainable if the order is made through the Prime Now app. Note: This is not regular, it happens only at various times of the year. There are loads of other discounts you are bound to get out of the Prime program as a member.

Where is Amazon Prime Now available?

Amazon Prime Now service is currently available in areas close to its big depots. The Prime Now service started at Birmingham, central and east London. The Prime now one hour delivery is also available in major cities like Manchester, Portsmouth, Newcastle and more. Enter your postcode here to find out if it is available in your area.

How do I get Prime Now?

To get Amazon Prime now, you need to sign up for it online. Its annual cost is $106. If you’re skeptical about the program, you can go ahead and give it a shot with the 30-day trial, if you like it, then you can upgrade to premium account after your free 30-day trial expires. Note: If you don’t want it, don’t forget to cancel before the end of your free 30-day trial, else you will be charged – your account will automatically upgrade to premium. To make things easier, download the Prime Now app For Android on Google Play store and iOS from iTunes.

What can I order for one hour with Amazon Prime Now?

The one hour delivery is a golden feature in the Prime now. To get the best out of this feature, you must order a minimum of $27 worth of items. Also, you will be required to pay a delivery fee of $7.99 (compulsory). If the delivery fee seems like a big deal to you, then you can settle for the 2 hours delivery which is completely free.

The benefits and rewards of Amazon Prime

Let’s go into details about the loads of goodies you’ll enjoy as a premium member of this program. Below are all the benefits and rewards you will enjoy when you become a member.

Access to free shipping

If you’re a frequent shopper, this program is bound to save you money on shipping. Prime users get free 2-day shipping on their orders – for those who live within United States. In some cases, users get access to free 1-day shipping – in certain eligible zip codes – some users even receive their items the same day. With Prime now, members also get 2-hour delivery on all pre-ordered items.

what is amazon prime about

Note: If you don’t need the item you ordered right away, you can get some rewards by not using the fastest shipping option. Using “Free No-Rush Shipping,” you’re likely to earn rewards on future purchases or receive immediate discount. All you have to do is to agree to receive your order within a week.

Prime users can also save money by getting early access to Amazon’s “light deals.” Members can get massive discounts on specific items for a limited period – e.g. 30 minutes.

Music Streaming

Amazon Prime Music gives members unlimited access to more than a million songs – thousands of playlists and stations. Although the music service is not as robust as Spotify’s but it still gives users a tremendous experience.

Instant access to video streaming

Members have instant access to tons of thousands of TV show and movies. The TV shows include some renowned and original series, such as “Doctor Thorne,” “Transparent,” “Bosch,” “Mozart in the Jungle,” and more. As a subscriber, you can watch these cool series plus many other movies at home on your TV, computer and other compatible devices. Although this service can’t be compared to Netflix but it gives users a wonderful experience.

prime video

prime video

On a norm, Prime Video costs $9, but for Prime members, this pack is included for free. You can either stream the video contents on Xbox, Roku, iPhone, tablet, Android, Smart TV or download the contents with your mobile devices (e.g. a smartphone) and watch offline.

Access to games with Twitch Prime

Amazon Prime also gives members automatic access to Twitch Prime. The benefits attached to this service include free items and content for games. Also, the service is completely ad-free. To start tapping the gold mine in this service, link your Twitch account to your Amazon Prime account, if you already have a Twitch account – else, create a Twitch account here: https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/658863-creating-an-account

what is amazon prime about

Amazon Prime Gaming

Access to Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

You will also have access to Kindle owner’s lending library, which contains more than 800,000 e-book titles. You have the privilege to borrow one every month, along with a pre-released book with Kindle First. The concept is just like checking out a book from a traditional library. The only difference is that on this platform there is no due date required – you can return the book whenever you feel like.

kindle library

Amazon Prime Photo

Prime Photo is a cloud-based service which gives you unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive. With this drive you can store limitless number of photos, knowing that no matter what happens you won’t lose them. This service also gives users access to store up to 5GB of videos and documents. You can store unlimited photos and find them easily using the new photo search technology which makes it possible for you to find specific photos by searching for them with keywords – like the location where a photo is stored.

Access to online grocery stores with Prime Now and Prime Pantry

With Prime Now, members can order food and groceries from local stores and restaurants. I will explain more about this below. Prime Pantry also allows users to buy groceries and household items. Items ordered under Amazon Pantry service is usually shipped in a pantry box. The Pantry box comes with a $6 shipping fee. Although users can get free shipping by simply purchasing a minimum of 5 items.

Amazon Prime Now one hour delivery

We’ve earlier discussed about Prime Now, but let’s expatiate about it a bit more. The Prime now app gives members the privilege to shop all day (from early morning till night) – 7 days a week for gifts, food (from neighborhood restaurants), and groceries.

what is amazon prime about


The delivery time for every order is 2 hours (free of charge). But if you want your order to be delivered 1 hour earlier, then you’ll need to pay a delivery fee of $7.99 – and your orders will be delivered within an hour.

Amazon Prime Day

If you don’t get the best out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday then you don’t need to worry, this program also features Prime Day – Amazon’s festival of sales. During this period, as a Prime member, you will have access to lots of exclusive deals. Prime Day may not be the best deal day for you but one way or the other you’ll definitely find some good and plush items at low cost.

Purchase groceries online with Amazon Prime

Let’s expatiate on its groceries. All thanks to Amazon Prime Now, you can now order all your food groceries online at the retailer.


In case you’re not aware, Amazon has been selling dry groceries, such as coffee, bottled water and nappies for quite some time now. Recently the giant decided to expand to fresh food items, such as cheese, pizza, milk and butter. All your grocery orders take approximately one hour to be delivered – which is quite a short time if you ask me.

Save money as a parent or student

Amazon Prime Family can save you a lot of money on baby-related items. One of the most notable benefits is that you can opt to have diapers delivered to you on a regular basis, and you’ll get 20% off of the price. This service also allows members to get childcare items which they can share with friends and family.

Prime Student allows college students to get a Prime membership for $49 just like I mentioned in the introductory section. Cool right? $49 is a fraction of the general price. To prove that you’re a student, you need to register with a valid university email address – .edu – at this point you will get a 6-month free trial of Prime. After your 6-month free trial expires you can then upgrade to premium account.

Is Amazon Prime worth the money?

Amazon Prime is indeed a great program, however, whatever has advantages will surely have disadvantages. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t stay online quite often, then you’re likely not going to get the best out of the program; however, if you are a frequent or semi-frequent shopper, you will definitely get your money’s worth with the Prime membership.

If you’re still skeptical about this program, whether it’s for you or if it’s worth the $99 annual fee, I’d suggest you sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial account; you will have 30 days to test how the program really works. After your trial period expires, and you like the program, then you can go on to put your money to work. Don’t forget that your account will automatically be upgraded to premium after the end of your free trial period. To avoid this, make sure you cancel in advance.

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