Amazon Prime Video? See How it works and how much it costs

What is Amazon Prime Video? As you may have already known, Amazon is known as a retail giant, and not as a streaming powerhouse, but a couple of years ago, it added a Netflix-like streaming service known as ‘Amazon Prime Instant Video,’ which most people like to refer to as ‘Amazon Prime Video.’ Compare Amazon credit card here.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Prime Video is an internet video on demand that is developed, owned and operated by Amazon. It is a service that comes with the renowned ‘Prime’ program. This program comes with a lot of goodies, such as free two-day shipping for all items purchased on its website, access to games with Twitch Prime, access to music streaming, free cloud storage for photos, access to free eBooks from Kindle library, and more.

what is amazon prime video

Amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video is just like another version of Netflix, Hulu plus or TV Now, offered under Prime program. Just like Netflix, this service offers free movies and TV shows streaming for its members, non-Prime members do not have access to this service. With Prime video, you’re likely not to get bored because it is packed with loads of good movies and TV series, just like Netflix.

More About This Program

Amazon has been upping its video streaming game for quite some time now. The establishment has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars on this service in order to offer its members or subscribers the best service they can ever imagine. It is using all this money to get exclusive rights to TV shows, build its movies/TV show library and produce its own original series. Amazon currently has 50, 704 titles and 1,761 channels available.

This has been a big challenge for Netflix, as Prime Video can overtake Netflix in the nearest future. Although, Amazon hasn’t produced anything that can compete with Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” or “House of Cards.” I believe that Netflix is up for this challenge, let’s see how it all play out. Check out Amazon Prime Original series here.

If you’re a member of Prime and you’ve not been using this service, then you’ve missed out a lot. If you’re not a member and wish to opt in for this service, read Amazon Prime to get started.

Why is Amazon going into the streaming industry?

Well, I may be wrong, but I believe that Amazon, just like every great company out there is trying to follow the trend. This is a digital age, in order for a renowned company like Amazon to stay on the top, they need to follow the trend. Another reason could be that maybe they believe that they have something better than Netflix or TV Now to offer. Let’s sit tight and see what Amazon offers in the nearest future.

Who is Amazon Prime Video available to?

Amazon has two different streaming services, Prime Instant Video (the one we’re talking about) and Amazon Instant Video. Note: the formal is for Prime members only – which is the one this post is focused on. The Major difference between this two streaming services is that Prime Instant Video is only for Prime members, while the Amazon Instant Video is both for Prime members and non-Prime members (it’s for everyone). To have access to this service, you’ll need to pay a fee to rent or buy a title. This is just like the video section of iTunes.

Worth knowing, Amazon Instant Video has more newer and better titles if compared to Prime Instant Video – this is because users of this service are required to pay per movie or TV show – unlike Prime where users have already paid flat fees which give them access to all movies and TV shows.

The Prime Instant Video is only available for U.S. based customers. People who get Prime benefits as a guest of other Prime members, or students with free membership are not allowed to use this service. Hence, to use this service, one has to subscribe directly to the Prime program.

Where, or how can I stream Amazon Prime Video?

According to Amazon, the Prime Instant Video streams on thousands of different phones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, set-top boxes and smart TVs. Before now, this service was not available on some mobile key platforms, such as Android. But recently, it has corrected this error by making this service available for Android users. This means you can use your android device to stream Prime videos. Download Prime App on Play Store. For iOS users, download the app on iTunes.

Also, if you’re an Apple TV owner, you can stream Prime Videos to your TVs directly from an iOS device or through your Mac using the Airplay feature.

How to stream Amazon Prime Video on various devices

We’ll be focusing on how you can Stream Prime videos on some popular devices based on different platforms, such as Kindle Fire tablet, Apple’s iOS devices, Roku set-top box and PCs.

Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon Prime Kindle Fire Tablets make it very easy for both Prime members and non-members to stream Prime video and buy Instant Video. It’s so easy that you don’t even need to install an app in order to start streaming. All you have to do is to tap the “Videos” button on the home screen and you’ll be taken to Amazon library.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon prime video on Kindle fire

Kindle Fire HDX lineup, Amazon’s latest tablets, come with spectacular feature which give users access to offline viewing. According to Amazon, over half of Prime Videos (movies & TV shows) can be downloaded to this device for offline viewing. This means with this device you’ll have the privilege to download episodes of “Alpha House” or “Betas” and watch them later. This feature is so glorious, especially for those who travel on planes a lot, or commute on subways.

iPhone, iPad and iPod

Amazon Prime members with iPhone, iPad or iPod can download the Prime Video app from the App Store. This app is nothing like the shopping app. Open the app and search for and watch Prime videos.


Amazon Prime video on iPad

The only drawback about this app is that you must be connected to a Wifi network in order for you to be able to use it to stream. This is a huge drawback as Prime Video rival, Netflix allows users to stream all movies/shows from their 4G LTE iPhones. This is an error that needs to be corrected.

PC (laptop & desktop)

As a Prime member, for you to stream from your laptop or desktop, you’ll have to go to through your browser, and login to your account. After you’ve successfully logged in, hover your mouse over “Your Prime” somewhere around the top right corner. You’ll find all Prime movies and TV shows displayed in a tile-like format.

what is amazon prime video

Amazon Prime video on PC

Now to stream any of the video, click on the title of your preferred video and it will start streaming right away. If you like the video, you can go ahead and add it to your “Watchlist.”

If you wish to download it, you may be required to pay to do so. But if you’re a prime member, I don’t think there would a need for that, unless you want to download the video to watch later when you’re in a place you don’t have access to the internet, such as airplane.

To have access to all the 50,000+ movies, click on “see all 50,000+ movies titles” somewhere around the bottom corner.

Prime Video with Roku

Roku, the popular set-top box that connects to your TV can be used to watch Prime video. This device doesn’t come with Amazon Prime video app pre-loaded. Roku knows the app as “channels.” So in order for you to begin streaming with Roku, you’ll need to install the app “channels” from the Channel Store.

what is amazon prime video

Amazon Prime video with Roku

After installing the app, sign into your account to access Amazon Prime Instant video, the Instant Video and your watch-list, if you have any.


I believe with this article you’ve understood what Amazon Prime Video is. If you’re a Prime member and you’ve not been using this service, then you’ve not been getting the best out of your money. As I’ve earlier mentioned, Amazon Prime fee covers this service, plus other spectacular services, such as Prime music, cloud storage, access to gaming via Amazon Twitch, access to free eBooks from Kindle library, free shipping and more.

Most Prime members obtained the Prime membership just for the free shipping service it offers. The company has been adding new services to this program in order to impress old and be able to entice new members. Prime customers are so valuable to Amazon, that’s why they are being given all the fair treatment they deserve in order to make them happy. These set of members are so valuable to Amazon because they are frequent shoppers. They buy more expensive items and spend more than other category of customers. Hence, they are entitle to a lot of perks.

So if you’re a Prime member, now that you’re familiar with Prime Instant video, you should be able to get the most out of the Prime program. Also, consider other aforementioned services that this program offers. Amazon is getting a lot from you. So why not get the best out of them by making use of the services you’ve already paid for?

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