South State Bank Hours: Opening and Closing Time

South State Bank was founded in January 1, 1934, and headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina. It is a subsidiary of South State Corporation, and considered as the largest bank in South Carolina. In 2018, the financial institution had 168 branches and 2,602 employees. The bank also had $14.676 billion in assets the same year. All its branches are located in South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. Additionally, the name of the bank was changed to South Carolina Bank and Trust in 2002, and its headquarters were moved to Columbia, South Carolina the same year. The company is publicly listed on NASDAQ with the following title: SSB. To find out about South State Bank hours, see the heading below. Also see when First Interstate Bank will open today.


South State Bank Hours Today: Opening and Closing Time

Weekdays Hours: Majority of the bank branches open at 9:00 AM and close at 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. You might find some branches operating from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Saturday and Sunday Hours: You will hardly find branches operating during weekends. However, a handful of branches open from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturday.


You may have noticed that some branches operate with modified time, which makes the bank’s operating time to vary in various locations. We recommend that you make inquiries from your local branch. Additionally, the information above may change during certain holidays. Connect with customer service to be enlightened about the holidays the hours may change.

Connect with the Management

Connecting with the bank’s management enables you to verify the information about, or to inquire more about when south state bank opens on weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.


Connect with Phone Number: You can quickly contact a customer service advisor with the following phone number: 1-800-277-2175. This means of connecting with the bank is highly recommended if you have a situation that needs to be handled immediately.

Send an Email to Them: Apart from speaking with them on the phone, you can also message them with the following email address, [email protected].

Customers can also use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with them. Go to your preferred social networking site and search for South State Bank. Now, go through the result and locate the page that says customer service (support). You can chat with them on that page.